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How does viral marketing work?

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Suppose that at some point, you are so impressed by the quality and usefulness of the information in a electronic publication that you recommend your friends. As a result, many of them will decide to subscribe. Later in turn they recommend other friends and so on. Let’s say the first level get in this way, from the existing subscribers, 10,000 new subscribers. Two floors up, their number will reach 1 million. You certainly noticed this mechanism used in many MLM (Multi Level Marketing) programs, which develops in arithmetic progression. However, those who succeed are quite a few. But that’s only because of the low quality of the products they distribute, or the prices too high.

There are two ways that can cause people to recommend the product at each other, “word of mouth”: promoting a high quality product, or offering a direct benefit. When you combine these two reasons, viral marketing power is astounding. When on the contrary, the product is of poor quality, how many would recommend their friends, even if you pay for it?

So the first rule of viral marketing is to make sure that the product that you promote is of the highest quality. The second is to provide a system of rewards. You must note however that there are notorious examples of the popularity of a product simply exploded only because exceptional quality without having any material rewards system attached. A few years ago, the book “The Celestine Prophecy” recorded a huge number of sales just because of the discussions that took place around them in the discussion groups. If you managed to create a state of general enthusiasm for the product that you present, there would be no need for any rewarding material.

Another way of financing through viral marketing promotion is paying a commission on sale for generating new customers. That in the event that you have a product for sale, be it your own product or someone else’s product, if you promote an associate program. Of course, the benefits will be greater when the product is yours. On the other hand, as a simple associate, you no need to worry about production, receipt of payment and delivery.

However choosing the right affiliate program is not really an easy thing. Read the regulations carefully. Viewed from the point of view of the consumer – never recommend a product that you have not tried and are not convinced that is the best quality. Test it! Check how the site is, how easy it is to understand and navigate? How it looks in terms of graphics? It is done professionally? How quickly reply to emails? Respond using exclusively personal or auto-reply messages? There is a tracking system consumer trustworthy?

After a first selection of programs conducted on the basis of the above rules, run another selection based on the interests of the market: which is the market segment targeted by affiliate program? It fits the target audience of the website itself?

Finally, it is good to be able to form a package of products and / or free services that take into account the interests of the target market segment, provided as a “added value” with a central product. A well organized grouping information will lead consumers stealthily to central product you want to promote. This system works efficiently, provided that base product to be very good, which is recommended by itself and is perceived as a value in itself, even without additional free of charge packages.

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