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The marketing myths

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The marketing myths

As everywhere else, in Internet marketing there are also myths, in which you do not have to believe.

Reports of Internet commerce are controversial and sometimes confusing. Myths abound. Many business people were disappointed after they invested time, money and high hopes in exaggerated legends of enrichment  through Internet. Others have refrained from getting involved in Internet marketing because of some gloomy forecasts.

If you have a business, then you need to take care for sales too. Do not want to miss any opportunity that will bring money. But you do not have money to waste. So it would be a benefit to give up the myths and the facts.

Myth #1: You can advertise for tens of millions people on the Internet

No one is sure how many people are on the internet, because there is no central authority over the Internet. No one’s property. It is a massive interconnection of computer networks, communication lines and equipment transfer.

However, the Internet increases by 100 percent per year since 1988, so the figures are changing fast. Even so, it still does not mean that your marketing message will reach tens of millions. Nor should try it. Internet is not a mass market. Do not try to send mass messages to Internet users or by e-mail, mailing lists or newsgroups. People will be very annoyed and they will let you know. You have nothing to gain. You do a much better job addressing your target groups and using the interactive capabilities of the Internet.

Myth #2: If you currently do not act on Internet, you will lose a big chance

There is no evidence that you will lose something if you stay for a while and make researchers, get to know the Internet, participate in online community and develop a strategic plan.

Personally I think the low prices and great possibilities of Internet marketing are now worth your involvement. Being a “beginner“, you can get some better public relations or a stronger position. Maybe that will enrich you.

But do not rush to be on Internet for the sake of being there or out of lot.You might find yourself among one of thousands of “posters in the desert”. Even if you have to hire a consultant, get in “cyberspace” with a plan and with openeyes.

Myth #3: You cannot advertise on the Internet

The Internet is actually a mosaic composed of many smaller virtual communities, each with its history, culture, standards, rules and values. In such communities, the words “advertising” and “marketing” have adopted other meanings as in the main business world. For people on the Net the word “advertising” is not approved, but marketing is well accepted.

Some methods of advertising on the Internet will not be tolerated. I said “tolerated” because there is no central authority to allow or not something. However, some Internet community will not tolerate unsolicited advertising messages. They respond strongly if you try. In some discussion groups moderated, the moderator will filter promotional messages.

One of the best approaches to marketing on the Internet is “soft sell”. Depending on your business, you can try:

  • To participate in discussion groups where occasionally tell them what you do
  • To place a ‘signature’ of contact at the end of mail messages in discussion groups
  • To place “generated leads” messages in marketplaces and business directories
  • To prepare your sales message via email to those who show interest in your services
  • To develop a website that provides needed information about your business and resources.

Myth #4: If you try to advertise on the Internet, you will be burned alive

No, you will not be. Not if you do it well – respecting the Internet culture, participating in the online community. To advertise well and be a resource for others. However, it would be appropriate to say marketinginstead of advertising.

Myth #5: You can make lots of money quickly on the Internet

Do not believe ever anyone that say that. In any business, to make money is to make your plan, a strategic marketing and offer a good product, a good customer service, with considerable guile – and hard work.

Myth #6: No one makes any money on the Internet

Many internet entrepreneurs will not talk about their financial statement. In many cases, this is because they are doing quite well and will not encourage competition.

I’ve seen reports from businessmen complaining that they tried and did not work the Internet. Maybe they believe in one of these myths. There are principles of Internet marketing, but to teach them requires research, participation and time.

Will your companybenefit of marketing on the Internet or WWW? No one can guarantee that. It’s too early and too fast changing environment to make predictions. Experts believe that the moment a product must meet at least one of the bellow criteria to be a good candidate for direct sales on the Net:

  • To be or to have relation with computers
  • To appeal to a large segment of Internet users
  • To appeal to a large geographicalaudience
  • To be a specific thing, else is hard to find
  • To be an acquisitionaccompanied by information
  • To be bought on the Net cheaper than other means.

This is for direct sales. Many companies will also benefit from Internet communications, customer support, sales support and other purposes.

Myth #7: Nobody can find you on the Internet. (Alternative: You can not find anything on the Internet)

The internet is great. World Wide Web, dominated by commercial companies, is growing rapidly. For a beginner, the Internet can seem huge, scary and maze …

But the Internet is relatively easy to handle, even for beginners. As long as you have the URL or web address of a site, all you have to do is enter the URL and the software will connect to the site immediately. Once you find a site you like, you can easily add in your software browser memory. This way you can visit it anytime without having to write it down. So you can very quickly to become your own navigator.

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