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Excellence in Quality and Management Forum (Cannes France) & official ‘Excellence in Quality’ Project

MultiMedia SRL

Dear Nicolae Sfetcu,

Re: Excellence in Quality and Management Forum (Cannes France) & official ‘Excellence in Quality’ Project

It is my pleasure to address you today on behalf of the Excellence in Quality and Management Forum and European Awards Night organizing committee. We would like to express our appreciation for high company standards, effective management, implementation of innovations, as well as the effective business processes.

We are pleased to invite you, as the head of a regional company MultiMedia that has implemented a successful quality management system, demonstrates high‐level performance and effectiveness, vision and leadership, innovation, creativity, and has received high quality scores from consumers, to take part in the Excellence in Quality and Management Forum. This event will be held on October 4th in the world festivals capital – Cannes.

We would be glad to see you among the event special participants. You can present your company’s successes and initiatives to event participants, partners and guests during one of the Success Stories Day’s platforms. The event culmination – European Awards Night, is dedicated to honouring the best representatives of the national business, scientific and cultural elite with significant international awards.

MultiMedia has been selected as a nominee for the prestigious award in the quality and management sphere ‘Excellence in Quality’. This award recognizes the high quality of the company’s production and services, effective quality management and high general company performance.

Award winners will receive the right to present their company and share their experience in quality management at the Excellence in Quality platform within Success Stories Day. This key platform is designed to ensure the dynamic development of your business through the sharing of knowledge and ideas. Participation in it will help you create new and profitable business relations with investors, buyers and potential partners.

This bright and exciting event is designed to help you achieve your global business goals, communicate with your dream partners and global business experts, get support from the world’s leading speakers and business leaders, and learn success recipes from leaders in the field of science, healthcare and business from different countries.

I will be glad to provide more complete information about the event and the unique privileges of the Excellence in Quality award should you require.

Yours sincerely, in anticipation of your response,

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