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Five-card stud poker

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Five-card stud is a variation of poker in which each player receives a hole card and four cards. It is also called Cincinnati Kid or game Kid of Cincinnati.


Each player bets before receiving cards, a specific bet called ante. All of these amounts form the initial pot.

The dealer distributes to each player one card face down he poses on the table. Only the player to whom it is intended has the right to watch it. Then each player is dealt another card face up. The first round of betting then engages, starting with the player with the lowest exposed card.

After the betting round is ending, a second card, visible, is distributed to the remaining players in the running for a new round of betting. And so on until every remaining player has one hole card (pocket card) and other four cards.

After the distribution of the last open card, there is a final betting round, after which the remaining players turn their pocket card. The highest combination wins.

Another game is started and so on. Each player is free to leave the table at any time.


Apart from the five-card stud, there are other variations of stud poker you can play: In these versions, all maps are private but some are open and others closed.

  • Seven-card stud (three hole cards, four cards, available in high mode, low or high/low).
  • Stud Eight-or-Better is the name given to seven-card stud played in high/low.
  • Razz is lowball or the name given to seven-card stud played low.
  • Queen and follow is played like seven-card stud but the Qs are joker as well as the card that is given after the Q. This card that is given after the Q is that joker only until another Q is given, when joker becomes the card that is given after the last Q (available in high or high/low modes).
  • Mambo stud poker, fun variation of stud poker.

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