2972219706_57cb7dc574_zIn poker, the flop refers to the dealing of the first three face-up cards to the board, or to those three cards themselves, in community card poker variants, particularly Texas hold ’em and Omaha hold ’em.

The three cards are dealt simultaneously following the completion of the opening round of betting. After the flop, there is a second round of betting, which is followed by the dealing of a fourth, or turn, card; and a fifth, or river, card. The three cards are often dealt face-down in a stack, then the stack is turned face-up and quickly slid to one side to expose all three cards, such that a player cannot be seen to be reacting to one particular card.

After the flop, a player will have seen five of the seven cards that will make up his hand at the showdown. While the flop marks the point at which players have significant information about the value of their hand, three more betting rounds are still to be played out.

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