Free For All link page

A Free For All link page (FFA) is a web page set up ostensibly to improve the search engine placement of a particular web site.

Webmasters typically will use placement software to place a link to their site on hundreds of FFA sites hoping that the resulting incoming links will increase the ranking of their site in search engines. Experts in search engine optimization techniques do not place much value on FFAs. First, most FFAs only maintain a small number of links for a short time, too short for most search engine crawls to pick them up. The high “human” traffic to FFA sites is almost completely other webmasters visiting the site to place their own links manually. Search engine algorithms do more than count link numbers, they also check relevancy which the unrelated links on FFA sites do not have. Another drawback to FFAs is the amount of spam webmasters will receive from the owners and paying members of the FFA. Using an FFA can be considered a form of spamdexing.

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