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General rules in poker – Shuffling

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All poker variants meet a number of general principles.

Poker is a game of combinations that is played with cards and chips possibly representing money. The combinations are made with five cards regardless of the variant practiced. The game alternates stages of dealing cards and auctions.

Aim of the game

In general, the goal of the game is to win chips from other players. If the tournament is played, the goal is to play as long as possible and finish the game in the top of the standings, one of said payouts. The first classification is the one who wins all the chips of the participants. If you play in cash games, each player sits down at the table with an amount of chips directly convertible to cash. The goal is obviously the same as in tournament mode: to win tokens. However, there was a noticeable difference in a tournament, you can not convert your chips to cash at anz time. Only paid up saving money when in a cash game, the player is free to leave the table and share his chips against money.

In Caribbean poker and caribbean stud poker version, less widespread and similar to blackjack, the player faces a dealer and try to win the maximum fees.


Prior to each hand, the playing cards are always mixed either by the dealer (if there is one) or the player “cut off”, which happens to be the dealer (or “button”) previously.

To do this, different techniques are commonly used. There are all sorts of shuffling ranging from salad to more dramatic variations. Here are some:

  • Battle or “salad” shuffle. Technique used in casinos, it is both the most effective but certainly one that requires less dexterity. All the cards are disposed on the table face hidden. Then gathered into a pile. This technique is commonly prior to mixing ways.
  • French shuffle (also called “Belote” shuffle)
  • Riffle shuffle” (pack of half in each hand, the cards are slaughtered alternately at full speed, right and left, then back in a single package). Variant “riffle shuffle in the air”.
  • Dovetail or American shuffle (also called stripping shuffle)
  • Indian shuffle (like French shuffle but taking the cards in the width direction)
  • Spanish shuffle (pack of half in each hand, the cards are arranged in a fan and joined by their upper portion in one package)
  • Shuffling “alternating layers” (map overlay the top and bottom of the package). Technique is not providing the cut, but combined with a mixture of French or stripping shuffle is as effective. Say “alternating arithmetic” when overlays are counted.
  • Russian shuffle (a hand shuffle and the other rifle)

Image https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Riffle_shuffle.jpg

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