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Health and Subtle Worlds – Romanian Secrets

Health and Subtle Worlds – Romanian Secrets, by Adriana Craciun

As I want to discover as much secrets as possible in the invisible worlds, I have researched materials that explain what happens when we are sleeping, and when we are dreaming.

The idea of “inert body in waking state” opened a hidden door to me. I associate it with alien abduction and with legend.

You are conscious, but you cannot move for several seconds. Science has no explanation for this phenomenon and the hallucinations often associated with it. When we fall asleep, the supreme self and the emotional-mental body leave the physical-energy body.

In sleep with dreams, the supreme self is back, but it is focused on the dream. When we are awake, consciousness focuses outward again, but if the emotional-mental body does not return, the physical body is still.

Legend says that the return of the mental-emotional body is prevented

by male / female evil entities, Succubus / Incubus, trying to satisfy sexually a man / woman in sleep, to get the energy they need for their subtle bodies.

Hallucinations may be perception of non-physical entities as the evil entity temporarily is affecting the energy body.

It is interesting to note that many victims abducted by aliens describe being motionless while subjected to sexual experimentation. Probably these “abductions” are perceptions of non- physical entities and only subtle bodies are involved.

An Incubus that Romanians call Light Dragon/Zburator, is said to be Merlin’s father.

I identified this idea in the Romanian literature. One of the poems that mention a Light Dragon is written by Mihai Eminescu, who apparently died because of his attitude towards freemasonry.

Furthermore, I have mentioned a collection of subtle bodies’ abilities and their connection with physical illnesses.

I have had a second occasion to mention the word “mason” speaking about the Romanian folk ballad The Arges Monastery. It is about Manole who is a master mason [maybe it is a word with double meaning]. In this case, he was proficient in constructions.

In areas under telluric stress, people can develop chronic disease. Telluric networks cover the Earth’s surface. They are electromagnetic emissions but they cannot be detected with electric or magnetic fields detectors, but through radiesthesy or dogs.

As I have listed diseases, I considered it necessary to mention remedies as well. An essential remedy is a good knowledge of our body, not only the physical one, but also of our subtle bodies.

However, our physical body cannot be healthy without Love. I have tried to express both scientifically and lyrically the importance of LOVE in our lives.

As LOVE is warm light, HATRED has to be COLD light, even FROZEN. Through this analogy I have discovered a thread leading me to our world leaders who seem to be FROZEN LIGHT representatives.

I ended this volume with a parallel between geographical realities and spirituality related to the Romanian mountain Piatra Craiului that seems to be a natural temple of WARM LIGHT.


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