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iBooks Author

IBooks_Author_LogoOriginal author: Apple Inc.
Initial release: January 19, 2012
Operating system: OS X 10.9 or later
Size: 412 MB
Available in: 19 Languages
Type: Word processor, Desktop publishing, Digital distribution
License: Proprietary
Website: www.apple.com/ibooks-author/

iBooks Author is a software developed by Apple to create digital books for their iPad tablets. Its first version was announced January 19, 2012 at a special event dedicated to education in New York. It requires Mac OS 10.7.4 minimum for version 2.

The iBooks Author interface is a reminiscent of iWork with the possibility to import drag and drop content from a Microsoft Word file, Pages or presentation, as well as photos, videos, interactive diagrams, 3D objects and other features giving life to the contents of these books.

The books thus created are readable with iBooks application. The application is free and available on the Mac App Store.

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