Original author: Strahinja Marković
Developer: John Schember
Initial release: 2009
Written in: C++ (Qt)
Operating system: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
Available in: English
Type: Desktop publishing software
License: GNU GPLv3

Sigil is an open source editor for digital books in EPUB format.

Developed by Strahinja Markovic in 2009 and maintained by John Schember since 2011, is a cross-platform application distributed under the GNU GPL license.

This WYSIWYG editor offers two viewing modes. Simplified mode allows you to place the elements regardless of source code. The enhanced mode provides the ability to work directly with the digital book code, allowing to manually write HTML and XML tags.

This software allows you to customize the appearance of the e-book by changing various layout parameters: text alignment, page numbering …

This software offers support for Unicode and for creating an index or table of contents.

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