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Joomla package and extensions

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Extension manager - ManageThe package consists of several parts, which are built to be as modular as possible, allowing extensions and integrations to be made easily. Some extensions are called “plugins” (formerly known as “Mambots”). Plugins are extensions working in background that provide new functionality to Joomla. There are over 4,500 extensions for Joomla available via extension Directory.

Beside plugins, more extensions are available. The “components” are used to perform tasks such as building a growing community with features for users, backup a website, translate content and create URLs that are optimized for SEO in search engines. Some “modules” are used to perform tasks such as displaying a calendar or custom code for Google AdSense etc., to insert in the code base of Joomla.

Although there is a more important extensions for older Joomla, new compatible with the latest version extensions are now made available at a remarkable pace. Some extensions of older versions can be used with the latest version.

Joomla allows administrators to set global configuration parameters that affect all items. Every page conforms to these parameters by default, but a page can have its own setting for each parameter. For example it is possible to choose to view the article, the author, to hide the author, etc.

Translated and adapted from Wikipedia under GNU Free Documentation License.

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