In Memoriam (Light a Candle)


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1. Download the extensions and unzip it.
2. Log in to the control panel as admin.
3. Go to Extensions > Extension manager > Install.
4. Click `Browse` and select the downloaded component zip file of the extension. Click Upload & Install. Same for module zip file.
5. Set the options of the component from control panel > Components > Light a Candle > Settings.
6. Go to Extensions > Module Manager and set the position and other options for the module Candle
7. Publish the module Candle
8. Optional: Go to Components > Light a Candle > Categories and manage categories.
9. Optional: If you want to allow anonymous to submit candles, go to Users > User Management > Options > Light a Candle . Permissions > Public > Create and select Allowed. Click Save.
10. To display candles in a web page, go to corresponding menu and add as menu all candles, a single candle, and/or the submission form (there is anyway a link for submission form at the bottom of the page with all candles).
11. Manage the candles from the control panel, Components > Light a Candle > Candles.

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