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Major players in advertising

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NYC World Financial Center

An agency is a body composed of specialists on behalf of advertisers, for design, implementation and monitoring of advertising campaigns.

The field of consultancy agencies is oligopolistic and dominated by five players at world level. In its 1993 edition, Le Publicitor noted: “the first five groups of agencies today have a market share which corresponds to 2/3 of the global market. The first twenty represent 90% of the world market.” As a result of the movement of concentration of the industry in the 1990s and 2000s, the trend has only become stronger. Saatchi and Saatchi, while world number two, was acquired by Publicis Groupe, that has also absorbed the number twelve, Leo Burnett Worldwide. Young and Rubicam, while the seventh, is now part of WPP Group, as well as Grey Global Group, number nine.

Omnicom Group is the leader with 12.7 billion U.S. dollars of gross margin, closely followed by WPP Group, with 6.2 billion pounds. Both leaders are followed distantly by Interpublic Group that displays 6.55 billion dollars margin, Publicis Groupe communicating 4.7 billion margin, Dentsu, little present to the international level and still fifth with 348 billion yen, and Havas with EUR 1.5 billion margin.

The agency involves its various departments in the process of creating and running an advertising campaign: the commercial department in contact with the customer, strategic planning, seeking the best fit between the brand and the targets of advertiser, creative department, responsible for graphic design and audiovisual advertisements, and media department, including the purchase of space.

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