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A merchandiser is an arcade gaming device, which contains a machine that consists of a show of merchandise, which could be won by playing the game. Inside the trade, such games are described as  Skill With Prizes (SWP) games, and are a hybrid of games of ability and games of hazard, using the preponderance of talent or chance differing among devices and normally in a position to be set by the operator.

Claw cranes will be the most well known instance of a merchandiser. The player manage a claw in a try to choose up a prize and drop it into a hole. Other varieties of merchandisers can offer you prizes ranging from low-priced and affordable to higher finish merchandise for instance video game consoles and iPods.

An equivalent class of games are redemption games, with tickets being won and may be redeemed for merchandise prizes, as an alternative to merchandise getting won straight. They are each one modern day types of carnival games.

Some games might be set as either redemption games or merchandisers, for example Flamin’ Finger.

Examples consist of:

  • Claw crane
  • Stacker
  • Flamin’ Finger, which could be set as a redemption game or merchandiser
  • Dollars booth


Similar to Skill With Prizes machines, merchandisers are inside a legal gray region, as a result of containing components of talent and of hazard, especially given that payout percentages can to a big extent be set by the operator – such configuration results in machines becoming described as rigged. They may be normally regulated separately from games of pure hazard, for example slot machines; see claw vending machine: legality for statues pertaining to claw machines.

Claims of getting largely or totally skill-based can expose the operator to accusation of unfair practices; therefore some lawyers advise operators to not promote the machines as being skill-based.

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