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A New Life (8)

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A New Life (8)

It had been a week since that memorable poker game that lasted about 48 hours, and Dan had not yet met Helen to see her reaction after what was happening that day. The baccalaureate was approaching, and they were allowed to miss the lessons, those who wanted it to learn better for the final exams. Dan had taken advantage of his free days to prepare for this year’s admission tests. On Facebook he was logging in only a few times these days, although some tempting business offers have appeared. But he knew he was not ready to really start doing business. He only entered to see what Helen was doing. He knew she loved hard rock music, but now she posed songs on her profile one after the other. Probably she did not even have time to listen to them. Punk rock, rather than hard rock. Nothing else. It was as if he was no longer the cheerful and carefree person he knew. Besides, it was normal, they were all strained because of the close exams, and even sad, some of them, because, perhaps, the end of maybe the most beautiful period of their life was approaching.

He was doing well with the learning. In fact, after a while he did not even seem to learn. Every problem seemed to him a police novel to guess the end. He felt a physical pleasure when it came to the right solution.

Ready, he finished with the packing. He had to hurry, the bus was leaving in front of the school in an hour.

“I left, Mom!” He ran quickly into the kitchen, where his mother had prepared some packs of food, put them in a small bag separate from his backpack, kissed her, and went out quickly to the door.

“Do not forget to call me or SMS when you get there!” cried his mother behind him. Dan raised his hand as he understood, and hurried to school.

* * *

“Come on, Dan, I’ve got you a place next to me!” Michael handed him from the door of the bus. He responded, and went up the bus through the front door to the rear seats where his friend was waiting for him. He walked past the chair where Octavia sat. The chair beside her was empty. “No way, I’m not going to spend the trip with you!” Dan said in thought. He handed him a friendly hand, and went to Michael.

Shortly, the footballer enters the bus. He greets everyone with a big smile, and sat down beside Octavia, putting his hand on his shoulders. Dan looked as big as his eyes. Michael caught his eye.

“What, you didn’t know? A love story of just two days. They met, and they loved, you know the song.”

Dan was irritating by this news. He did not intend to deepen her relationship with Octavia, but he had been thinking long ago that she would help him to look great to Helen. And above all, he would have a dance partner. But all the bad for the good. If the footballer was with Octavia, it meant that Helen was free. Lucky for him.

The bus was about to leave, the engine was on for a few minutes, when Helen appeared. The doors opened and she entered the bus. There were two free places in the middle. Helen sat down on one of them, not greeting anyone.

“Wow! What the hell, I was missing a few days from here and everything changes?! Since when does Helen look like this?”

Helen’s beautiful golden loops had disappeared. Now she had short hair, very short, and she looked more like a haircut than a coiffure. A loop hangs neatly on the left side of his face, covering his eye.

They had 4 hours of bus ride. The weather was superb, and the magnificent landscapes. Gradually, the atmosphere was relaxed. They started singing, helped a guy’s guitar. There were some bottles of beverages running out of the blue, running from hand to hand stealthily. They was accompanied by the geography teacher, along with his wife, a beautiful blonde much younger than him, a music teacher at another high school. They stood in the front seats, and did not notice, or they did want to notice, what was happening in the bus. Some began to take pictures and short video clips, which immediately posted on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. The blonde teacher had also pulled the phone and took pictures of the students in the bus, ignoring the bottles under the seats.

Helen was the only one who did not participate to this general joy. She stared down to the phone, which he was continuously handling, but with the thought he seemed elsewhere. From time to time, she rubbed softly over some scratches on her left hand. She had fallen into a garden bush as she had told to a bus colleague who had asked her what had happened.

Dan was drinking a little more to make his courage, but still did not dare to sit on the empty chair next to Helen.

At one point, the bus turn left leaving the main road and, after 10 minutes, he began to climb up the slope of a forest road. After another half an hour they had arrived on a plateau where was placed the pension they’d rented in full. They all descended from the car and hurried to accommodate, searching each group already formed for a room that best fits their preferences.

As soon as they found a twin room, Michael lay in bed, deciding to sleep until the evening. Dan left his backpack and his bag in bed and went outside to enjoy the view. There were more colleagues who had already been scattering around. He saw the footballer with Octavia by the hand, entering a nearby forest. He’s upset again. He went to some colleagues sitting around a wooden table behind the guesthouse, who struggled to finish a bottle of whiskey, and he drank with lust from the bottle.

* * *

The evening came imperceptibly. He thanked to his colleagues for the drink, and moved his steps to the boarding house. In the large hall on the ground floor, a revel had already started. A group of six girls and boys danced on the music from the speakers. He later found out that the music had been brought by the music teacher, their teacher’s wife, who had already slept, tired of the long journey and the harsh mountain air. But his wife was in the middle of his colleagues dancing with frenzy.

Dan sat down at a table in a corner, staring at the warm atmosphere. Octavia and the footballer still did not come back, and Helen did not come out of the room. He served himself from the beverage now spotted at the pension’s buffet.

Near midnight, only the boys were still dancing on the improvised floor, together with the blonde music teacher. She stopped suddenly from the dance, drank a glass of Martini on the table where Michael was, walked to the speakers, and replaced the flash memory with another. There was a slow, loud, and then a louder and jerky music, Ravel’s Bolero. The boys stopped dancing, not knowing what to do, looking at the teacher. She began to wobble, with more and more lax movements. The scarf that hung up on her throat slid slowly, leaning on the elbows, then she bound it without stopping from the dance around his body. Her white blouse was now unbuttoned at the neck.

“Hey, what are you doing, are you tired? Come on to dance,” she urged the boys who were staring at her. She took Dan by the hand, being the closest to her at that moment, and brought him in the middle of the ring. In the rhythm of Revel’s music, she turned his back against him, rubbing his body slowly. Dan was almost ashamed of pleasure. The teacher turned to him, made several moves to feel his tense, excited nipples of her breasts, and suddenly kissed his cheek, and took another colleague, a boy of over 1.9 meters high, for which she seems to have a particular weakness.

He did not remember how he got to bed. And not when. Wake up 4-5 times during the night, to drink juice. Luck with Michael that had come with a bottle of juice, he could not bear to drink water after a drunkenness.

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