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A new life (7)

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A new life (7)

When the talent or self-mastery of two players differs a lot, the heads up poker (two players) is no longer a game, it’s a slaughter. Or, it soon turned out that George had neither the talent nor the self-control necessary for such a confrontation. After the first money lost he began to shake hands, and sweat. He fell into the simplest pitfalls stretched by Dan without thinking. His mind was already confused.

At 11 o’clock, Helen calls him to go out together.

“I cannot, I have a job now, we will go tomorrow,” George refused briefly, closing the phone.

Dan also called his mother to say that he was going to sleep at Michael, the next morning they would work together in mathematics. And they settled back to the table.

At 6 o’clock in the morning, George had already lost all the money he had earned the day before.

“Okay, we finished. Let’s sleep a little.” Dan stood up and lit a cigarette.

“No, please, let’s play!” George begs Dan.

“How to play, you have no more money.”

“I’m going to get money. I’m coming right away, I’m with my car.”

“Okay, if you do not come in a quarter of an hour, I’m gone.”

George returned in time, and sit back to the table. At about 10 o’clock Michael awoke, he had returned late last night from the club, had just saluted and went to sleep. He went to the two players looking amused to their match. Dan gave him some of the money he earned by asking him to buy something for food, cigarettes and drinks for everyone. Michael came back with shawurma with fried potatoes, a bottle of cognac and two bottles of juice. The two players ate without getting up from the table, staring at the playing cards.

In the afternoon, Michaela appeared, prepared them a strong coffee with a smell that would have awakened even a dead man. Then she sat down at a nearby table with an inexpressive figure, and she lit elegantly a cigarette, watching the two playing poker.

By evening, George was left with no money. He rose from the table quietly, his shoulders bowed and sweaty, and went away sad. Dan opened the window to get fresh air into the room, smoked quietly a cigarette, and went to the bedroom sleep a little before leaving home. She found Michaela already lying in bed, her eyes closed as if she were sleeping, though she certainly did not sleep. He was like at home here, he had slept many times before with her friends, this did not seem unusual to Dan. He lay in bed beside her, and fell asleep instantly. And have a strange dream, in which she braced and mingled with Michaela in one of the most exciting erotic fantasies. He woke up, Michaela was beside him, completely naked, seemed to sleep. Sleep of a cat. He got out of bed and went into the living room. There, Michael listened to music on his headphones. He explained what had happened with the playing cards, as George had fooled them. Michael did not seem affected, he took it as a joke. Michaela appeared, dressed elegantly. Without a word, she went to the espresso and prepared three coffees. Dan and Michael thanked her. She nodded and sat down at the table, her eyes blank.

“I left, Michael. See you soon, Michaela!”

Dan stepped out of the door and walked at home thinking of Helen. He would meet her on the trip, soon. Did the footballer tell her the real reason he did not go out with her? Will he come on the trip?

But what about Michaela? How much was a dream and what had happened in reality? Her face had not betrayed anything of what had happened, if anything had happened. Dan prefers not to open this subject anymore in the future with Michaela. They were friends and he did not want to ruin that friendship through an ephemeral relationship.

* * *



The Swedish girl had appeared on the Messenger again.

“how you doing”

“Okay, thank you, how are you?”

“fine… were are you from”

The first stupid question, specific to the mediocre scammers on Facebook. She could see the country by looking at my profile. Dan told her the country.

“okay ..am from sweden”

Another conversational pattern. Through this ‘Ok’ repeatedly, the scammers seek to gain time to think about how to control the discussion.

“I’m glad to have you as a friend, Kristin.”

“nice having you also. are you married hun”

The grammatical errors showed a person that learned English on the go, on the net. And that final interjection also denotes a certain cultural level.


“okay…am single… were do you work…”

“Freelancer” (Dan did not care that he was contradicting the data on his profile, he was having fun with that stupid discussion, but he knew it was a relationship without a future)

“at were”


“okay… how many kids”

“1. A girl.”

“wow……we round the world girls”

” 🙂 ”

“what are you intending to do today”

“I’m already working now when I talk to you.”

“okay… am intending to come to your country”

“I’m glad, it’s a beautiful country.”

“am going to take plane and my money is not complete… i dont know if you can help me out …when i reach there i will come to you first”

Oh, that was it! Money has quickly arrived. This time the method of asking for money is to get to the fool man at home. How many times have you ever sent money to a scammer hoping to have an upgraded, younger copy of Sharon Stone for a week?

“I’d like to help you, but I do not have the money.”

“hun….but any amount please ….i use god beging you… hello”

Calling God to convince you of their good faith is usually for the scammers from the African countries.

“Unfortunately I have debts, not money.”

“hun so you dont want to help me.”

“I like your profile picture, you are a beautiful girl, but I can not  🙂 ”


“Because I do not work enough, I think.”

“it okay….but is good to help”

“Any time with pleasure, I’m glad I talked to you, anyway 🙂 ”

“so how does your country look like now”

“It’s beautiful, in a way different from Sweden, it worth to travel here.”

“yea i know… but really need to complete my payment for flight”

“With a body like yours, you can certainly get money.”

“will be needing just 300 dollars to complete payments sir”

Another stupid mistake of the small scoundrels. If she wants to make you think she’s going to sleep with you, then she’s not supposed to call you ‘sir’. This appellation is used only by a person who considers himself modest in relation to the interlocutor, unless it is an official discussion. It is usually used by those who are begging. And if he’s from Sweden, he should ask for euros, not dollars.

“See that it is not too much?! You can easily get that money. I hope you will tell me your impressions of my country after the visit.”

“okay, in as much i still have you as a friend here, i will have to meet you when am there okay… you there”


“okay thought you were busy cause am still with you… can i stay at your place when am there”

“You can not, but you will find here cheap accommodation without problems.”

“IS AS if you dont like helping people… why are you like that”

“If I ask you to give me money to come to Sweden, will you give it to me?”

“there is nothing like helping, cause it is said that givers never lack okay… i swear if i had i would offer okay… there is nothing like helping, cause it is said that givers never lack okay”

“So you give me or not the money to get to Sweden?”

“i swear i love to help okay”

“It seems to me that you do not want to help people. Not even 100 EUR? It will be enough for me.”

“its okay alright… i think you are using me just to get fun”

“Not at all, send me the money and you will see that I will come to Sweden.”

“why you kidding me… i just asked you for money, its simply means that i dont have okay.”

“You do not have money, or do not you have enough money?”

“i just paid all i had for the flight okay”

“Have you already paid the ticket?”

“the one i was asking from you was the one to balance the payment. i ask for only 300dollars… if i come there and settle i will balance you back the money okay”

“Now, how much money do you have? How many?”


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