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Office packages

Packages are collections of office applications that help the user in performing common tasks related to office work.

The main types of applications included are detailed below:

  • Text editors,
  • Spreadsheets,
  • Presentations
  • Databases
  • Calendar.

Main office packages currently used are:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Open Office
  • Lotus SmartSuite
  • Corel Word Perfect Office

Text editors

Text editors are programs used for writing and printing letters and other documents.

Types of documents:

  • Letters, faxes,
  • Reports,
  • Forms,
  • Mailing labels.

The use of text editors brings many advantages such as:

  • Easy handling of the text (writing, deleting, moving or copying text passages) in the same document or across multiple documents
  • Changing the presentation of the text without rewriting
  • Tracking and correcting errors is easier (some editors even identify grammatical errors or spelling)
  • Taking simple texts and other documents;
  • Automatic creation of catalogs by taking data from other documents;
  • Alignment and layout are done automatically by the program;
  • Inserting images, tables and charts;
  • Automatically Find and replace text passages;
  • Slight change page size (size, margins, spacing, numbering)


Spreadsheet programs are used to working with tables, often used for working with numbers.

Using spreadsheet software has the following advantages:

  • Easy data manipulation (inserting, deleting, moving or copying)
  • Automatic calculation results based on the data entered (amounts, percentages, averages, etc.).
  • Automatically update the results when data changes;
  • Changing presentation (eg number of decimal places) without having to reenter information
  • Taking simple data and other documents;
  • Aligning and setting tables;
  • Automatic creation and update graphs / charts;

The main text editors used today are:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Open Office Calc
  • Quattro Pro
  • Lotus 1-2-3
  • Gnumeric
  • KSpread
  • Framework


Database management programs are used to manage large collections of data, such as information for the public record. By using structured files and data interconnection, these greatly facilitates work with databases, but require advanced knowledge in the field.

The main database management programs currently used are:

  • Microsoft Access
  • FoxPro
  • SQL (and its versions of MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Oracle


Such programs are used to create slide presentations based on which to help support some speeches, lessons, etc.. Presentations created can include text, tables, images, animations, and a soundtrack – they can be listed to be offered on paper can be printed on transparencies for use with an overhead projector or can be run directly from your computer (possibly by using a video projector).

Using presentation software brings many advantages such as:

  • Easy handling of the text (introduction, deleting, moving or copying)
  • Combining text easy multimedia (images, sound, etc..)
  • Slight modification of the presentation of the text (color, background)
  • Taking simple data and other documents;
  • Automatic creation and update graphs / charts;

The main presentation programs used today are:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Harvard Graphics
  • Open Office Impress


These are applications that replace traditional directories, allowing grading and organizing contact information (addresses, phone numbers, fax, email), meetings / sessions, allowing tasks to fulfill and taking notes.

The usefulness of these programs is greater when used in parallel with an electronic book (Pocket PC, PDA, Palm) or a new generation mobile phone which can retrieve this information, but providing easy mobility.

The main applications in this category are:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • IBM Lotus Organizer
  • Collabrio MyEvents (on-line: Collabrio MyEvents)
  • Marketcircle Dayle (for Macintosh)

Graphic editors

These are the applications used to create, scan, modify and correct images. They are less used in regular office work is, however, important in the development of ads, posters, publications, catalogs, presentation pages, etc..

The most widely used graphics programs are:

  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Fireworks

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