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Poker jargon – L

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A tough choice to fold a good hand in anticipation of superior opposition.
The minimum or maximum amount of a bet.
limp, limp in
To enter a pot by simply calling instead of raising.
1.Still raisable. A live bet is one which a player can raise even if they’ve already bet and everyone else has made a call, typically because the player posted a blind or straddle.
2. A game full of unskilled or bad players.
lock up
To “lock up” a seat in a cash game means to place a poker chip, player’s card, or other personal effect on the table in front of the seat, to signify that the seat is occupied even though the player may not be present.
loose cannon
A player who is not afraid to put money in the pot; one who is “gambling” a lot and liable to lose all his money at any given time.
  1. The lowest card by rank.
  2. The low half of the pot in a high-low split.

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