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Why to post videos on YouTube

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Type of business: Subsidiary
Type of site{ Video hosting service
Founded: February 14, 2005; 12 years ago
Headquarters: 901 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, California, United States
Coordinates: 37.628101°N 122.426424°W
Area served: Worldwide (except blocked countries)
Owner: Alphabet Inc.
Founders: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim
Industry: Internet
Video hosting service
Parent: Google (2006–present)
Slogan: Broadcast Yourself (2005–2012)
Website: YouTube.com
Advertising: Google AdSense
Registration: Optional (not required to watch most videos; required for certain tasks such as uploading videos, viewing flagged (18+) videos, creating playlists, liking or disliking videos and posting comments)
Launched: February 14, 2005; 12 years ago
Content license: Uploader holds copyright (standard license); Creative Commons can be selected.
Written in: Java, Python and proprietary JavaScript

YouTube is a video hosting website where users can send, rate, watch, comment and share videos. It was created in February 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim, three former employees of PayPal, and bought by Google in October 2006 for $ 1.65 billion. The service is located in San Bruno, California.

In 2009, approximately 350 million people visit this video sharing site every month. In May 2010, YouTube announced that it had reached the 2 billion mark seen daily. On October 28, 2010, all YouTube channels reached a billion subscribers. To date, the Youtube channel with the most subscribers is PewDiePie (more than 50 million in December 2016) and the most viewed video is Gangnam Style of Psy, posted in 2012, with a total of more than 2, 7 billion consultations.


Most videos on the site or YouTube channels can be viewed by all users, while only registered users can send videos unlimitedly. The videos are accessible by category and using tags like Flickr or Technorati and can be imported on a personal blog. All registered users can post comments and rate videos online.

When a person watches a video, other videos related to the viewer are shown on the right screen in a scroll bar, with the title and labels. After one year of existence, new features have emerged as the ability to post videos in response to those viewed and also the ability to subscribe to receive new ones on a particular theme. It has allowed many Internet users to become popular, such as Tay Zonday, Smosh, Epic Meal Time, PewDiePie … If the YouTube community deems inappropriate video for young audiences, YouTube may ask the user to log in to prove that he is of age and thus authorize him to see the video.


As of April 6, 2015, YouTube is available in 79 countries plus Hong Kong territory and a world version, and in 76 languages ​​covering 95% of the global internet population. 80% of the traffic is generated outside the United States. Every minute, more than 300 hours of video are uploaded. More than a billion unique users visit YouTube each month to watch over six billion hours of video, an average of nearly one hour per person on Earth. Every second, nearly 43,000 videos are viewed, or 1,460 billion videos per year.


Very popular, the YouTube platform gives its most noted users a certain notoriety that can sometimes extend well beyond the circle of the fans of the site.

On the other hand, users like LasVegasUsa4 who are not part of the partner program, have seen their account counter explode as soon as their videos are released. This site, which is supposed to tell the story of a teenager’s intimate procrastination, turned out to be a trick, triggering unprecedented media coverage (CBS, MTV, New York Times, Los Angeles Times).

YouTube is responsible for consuming 10% of US bandwidth. On October 9, 2009, Chad Hurley announced that one billion videos are viewed daily on YouTube.

The group of channels belonging to the same main channel is VEVO with a little less than fifty billion views, for all videos belonging to its channels, followed by UniversalMusicGroup with just under seven billion views.

Note that 9 of the 10 most viewed videos on YouTube are music videos. Gangnam Style of South Korean singer PSY became the first video on December 21, 2012 to cross the symbolic bar of the billion views, on 31 May 2014 the bar of two billion views was exceeded. Moreover it is the video with the most number of “I love” with more than 10 363 676 “I like” (as of 13 January 2016). PSY was the first artist to have two songs in this top 10 with Gangnam Style No. 1 and Gentleman No. 10. He was joined by Katy Perry with Dark Horse No. 3 and Roar No. 4. Among the people with the most views on the site, we find the American rapper Eminem which alone amounts to more than 5.4 billion views. Among them are the singers Lady Gaga and Rihanna, who have several billions each.

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