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Rugby football refers to sports descended from a common form of football developed at Rugby School in England. The two major sports are rugby league and rugby union. American football and Canadian football also originated from Rugby football.

Games descended from Rugby School rules

  • Rugby football
    • Rugby League
    • Rugby Union
    • Rugby Sevens
    • Touch Rugby — a variant of rugby league replacing tackles with a touch. Also call Touch Football or Touch Footy.
      • Tag Rugby — a form of non-contact rugby league using a velcro tag to indicate a tackle.
        • OzTag — a form of Tag Rugby played in Australia.
    • Wheelchair Rugby, also Wheelchair power tag rugby and Wheelchair rugby league
  • American football — called “football” in the United States, and “gridiron” or “gridiron football” in Australasia.
    • Arena football — an indoor version of American football
    • Touch football — non-tackle American football.
      • Flag football — non-tackle American football, like touch football using a token to indicate a tackle.
  • Canadian football — called simply “football” in Canada.
    • Canadian flag football — non-tackle Canadian football.

(Australian rules football was based partly on Rugby football, and partly on several other codes of football.)

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