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Russia wants Ukraine divided in three smaller countries

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To isolate the expansion of Ukrainian national ideas, Moscow has a plan to dismantle it into three parts. Fredom of speach doesn’t sound good to extend in Russia.

This idea is older, and has its origin from Tsarist Russia, when was considered that Russia should not fight to take Galicia because the Ukrainian movement would expand and would cover the remaining territory populated by Ukrainians.

The integration in Russia today is offered only to three eastern regions (Donetsk, Kharkiv and Lughansk) and Crimea. Ukraine Central and South will come to have status to buffer, but the shape will be an independent state , the so-called Russian Ukraine. Only five western regions can go where they want.

The process of the federalization of the country will be long enough, including the moving of the capital in Kharkiv or Donetsk.

Source: “Zerkalo Nedeli”, Kiev

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