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Mass of Media: War in Georgia

Bush says attacks on Georgia “dangerous escalation”
BEIJING (Reuters) – President George W. Bush on Saturday said attacks by Russia on neighboring Georgia outside the war zone of South Ossetia marked a …

Georgia proposes cease fire in S Ossetia
The Associated Press
TBILISI, Georgia (AP) — Georgia’s President Mikhail Saakashvili proposed Saturday to declare a cease fire in the breakaway province of South Ossetia. …

Georgia conflict: Pro-Kremlin enclaves surround Russian borders
Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom
The enclave of South Ossetia in Georgia sought Russian protection as far back as 1993. The Kremlin’s troops, officially designated as peacekeepers, …

McCain, Obama urge halt to fighting in Georgia
The Associated Press
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The major candidates for president on Friday called on Russia and Georgia to end their military action and appealed for more …

Georgia: New Trial in Love Triangle Killing
New York Times, United States
By AP A woman convicted of shooting her 85-year-old ex-boyfriend to death because she thought he was seeing another woman was granted a new trial more than …

REFILE-Georgia says may appeal for int’l military help
MOSCOW, Aug 9 (Reuters) – Georgia may appeal for international military assistance depending on how the conflict in its separatist region South Ossetia …

Russian-Georgia conflict hits close to home for US archer
USA Today
One of her roommates looked at her, “Georgia?” She quickly found out her homeland was under attack. Georgia’s US-educated president, Mikheil Saakashvili, …

Georgia pays price for its Nato ambitions
Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom
One fact is clear: the Kremlin’s troops would not be in South Ossetia today if Georgia were a loyal ally. Instead, Mr Saakashvili is paying the price for …

Emerging Markets-Selloff on Georgia conflict, Argentina fears
By Daniel Bases NEW YORK, Aug 8 (Reuters) – Fighting between Russia and Georgia involving a breakaway republic and plunging confidence in Argentina’s future …

Georgia Conflict Quotes
Sky News, UK
Georgia and Russia are locked in a conflict that threatens to explode into all-out war. “I strongly condemn the outbreak of violence in Georgia, …


The candidates on Georgia
Ben Smith
McCain condemns the invasion and Obama calls for restraint. See also: McCain’s hard stand.

Did the US Prep Georgia for War with Russia?
Nathan Hodge
The news thus far: Georgia, which has been locked in a drone war over the separatist enclave of Abkhazia, has launched an offensive to reclaim another breakaway territory, South Ossetia. Latest reports indicate that Georgian forces are …

US Attacks Russia Through Client State Georgia
“Georgia and the Pentagon cooperate closely,” reports MSNBC, “Georgia has a 2000-strong contingent supporting the US-led coalition in Iraq, and Washington provides training and equipment to the Georgian military.” …

Georgia: The Blame Game
Onnik Krikorian
At stake are Russia’s already strained relations with the West, which backs Georgia, as well as Georgian President Mikhael Saakashvili’s hopes of leading his country into the NATO alliance within the next year. …

Candidates React to Georgia/Russia Conflict
Today, news reports indicate that Russian military forces crossed an internationally-recognized border into the sovereign territory of Georgia. Russia should immediately and unconditionally cease its military operations and withdraw all …

Morning Russia-Georgia Roundup
Robert Farley
Georgia claims to have shot down ten Russian aircraft; the Russians say they’ve lost two. Significant Russian air attacks over Georgia, which makes me suspect that the losses are from SAMs. Russian paratroopers are in Tskhinvali; …

NATO encouraged Georgia – Russian envoy Georgia: my take from today’s London “Times”
Edward Lucas
That is the bleak outlook for Georgia this weekend, after what initially looked like a quick military win against the separatist regime in South Ossetia. Georgia’s attack followed weeks of escalating provocations, including hours of …

Afternoon headlines: Edwards vs Georgia
While the cable TV news stations go wall-to-wall about John Edwards, who admits to his affair but denies he’s the child’s father, the Russians and the Georgians are going at it:

International Law, Power Politics, and Russian Intervention in Georgia
Chris Borgen
Russia’s intervention in Georgia is the latest, and most obvious, example of the peculiar role that Russia plays in the various so-called frozen conflicts in former republics of the USSR. As international security expert Dov Lynch has …

3 Responses

  1. Dr.Ikhtiar Ahmed

    Neither USA nor any member country of NATO is having the right to comment about Russia’s attempts to liberate South Osetia and abkhazia from the clutches USA backed puppet government of Georgia. Before USA brand Russia as an Invader, they should look at its dirty face and recall the destruction that is being made by them in iraq and afganistan in the name of nabbng terrorism. The peaceloving people will never forget how the USA troops are killing innocent civilians of Iraq and afganistan in the name of search for weapons of mass destruction. compare to that Russia has done nothing but just sent troops to georgia to save the freedom fighters of south osetia.

    Go ahead russia. The russian troops should be deployed in south Osetia until its complete liberty from geogia.

  2. Mikhail

    Georgia tried to clear South Ossetian Republic from South Ossetian people…Genocide in 21 century!

    Georgia (at this time – M Saakashvili) attacks his nearest Independent Repablic in third time in the world history. At this time 8 hours before opening of Olympic games. And in the third time in the history Russia tries to save South Ossetian people from total annihilation. But the most important in this situation is how this “event” shown in the most of Europian, American and Chinese mass media. The first report in this mass media wasn’t Georgia attacks South Ossetia and destroyed 8 villages with tanks and heavy weapon, the first report was “Russia attacks Georgia”. This is bull shit. I never can’t even imagine that as authority sources as BBC and CNN will be lie so open and wide.
    Here it is the real sequence of events:
    The day before opening fire, M.Saakashvili was in the South Ossetia and written the “non-aggression pact”.
    Several hours after that (00.00 of 8th august), Georgian troops with heavy weapon, artillery and aircrafts begin the attack on 8 South Ossetian villages and Tshinvali the capitol of this Independent Republic. (I repeat Independent because it’s not a Georgian province or as say in western mass media “Separatist Republic”. South Ossetia and Abkhazia are Independent Republics, that Georgia always (during last 200 years) wanted to join to it’s territory with force.)
    In several hours this 8 villages was completely destroyed and almost all civilians was killed there. Just few civilians escaped scatheless. They told that some civilian houses was destroyed with Georgian tanks tracks with live people inside it’s basements.
    After that, Georgian troops begins heavy artillery bombardment of the sleeping city Tshinvalli. They used heavy artillery weapon and Rocket systems for the attack on this city without any notice. Most of the civilians died in their own beds. It is this picturies were shown by CNN and BBC next day with comments that Russia attacks Georgia. (direct lie)
    After heavy artillery preparation Georgian troops and heavy armors entered the almost destroyed Tshinvali where they begin to kill all alive civilians. (You can see this picture on CNN and BBS it was shown by mistake then Georgian trooper shoot in the unarmed civilian but killed dog and after that Georgian light MCV tried to finish him and shooting in the house).
    After Georgian troops entered the city one of their subdivision were direct to the Russian Peacekeepers Headquarter in Tshinvali.
    Georgian troops and tanks begin direct fire to the Russian peacekeepers. All Russian MCV were destroyed 10 Peacekeepers were killed. Our troops begins to defend their base and ask for help.
    About 150 more Russian Peacekeepers were still alive and fighting to defend their lives.
    All the day Georgian Aircrafts and artillery were systematic destroying the city and civilians.
    About 03:00 GMT (7:00 Moscow time) Russia asked for immediate meeting of United Nations Security Council, which has been ended without any result (As said one of the member “it’s too late, they can’t do anything because just wanted to sleep”) while South Ossetian people were dieing in the basements of their own homes.
    And only after that Russian Army had to enter Republic of South Ossetia (Not Georgia).
    And only this were shown in Europian and American mass media.
    Georgian aircrafts continue attacks on city, villages and Russian Airforce had to destroy several flight strips in Georgia to prevent this flights.

    Ask yourself what Georgian troops do in the civilian city Tshinvali?
    Ask yourself then M.Saakashvili said the truth during last 2 years? All his politics is pure lie.
    Ask yourself why he didn’t want to sign any legal peace convention with South Ossetia?
    Ask yourself why all this facts were shown inverse for you?
    Ask yourself why Europian and American mass media didn’t show you the real begin of this genocide?
    Ask yourself Why Europian flag is behind M.Saakashvili?
    Ask yourself Why he interrupted broadcast of Russian channels in his republic, is this Democracy?
    Ask yourself Why Georgian television shows South Ossetian civilians killed by his troops and say that it is killed Georgian civilians?

    Now Imagine yourself that Russian forces in this region is 10 times more then whole Georgian army and if Russian forces really wanted to enter the Georgia it will be destroyed in 4-5 hours. And if there are a little brain in your head you will understand that we just triing to save peace in this region we triing to save small South Ossetian people from total annihilation. 2000 South Ossetian are already dead!! Can u understand this ? Dead! Killed in their own homes while sleeping just right before the beginning of the Olympic games. Georgian troops and artillery contine to attack at this time. They shooting the road with red cross cars. All the claims of Georgia about peace is bullshit. They just triing to kill as many Ossetians as they can.

    I can say only one thing. Almost all that shown on BBC and CNN is “inverse true”. I don’t know why this happens, but this fact excite me very much. There are no more Soviet Union with it’s communist party. There is Russia now. And if you look at the map you will understand that we have enough territory. The only aggressive country in the world is unfortunately USA now. USA instructors have been training Georgian troops last 2 year. They trained them well to kill civilians. Good job… We are democracy country now…and we elect our president and government not to begin a war!

    For whole Russian history (Not USSR) Russia NEVER declair war first. We were always defend our territory. From the several turkey wars then they tried to capture our south prvinces 300 years ago, after that from Napoleon army then we save whole Europe from his aggression, after that from Japanese army which tried to capture our Eastern region, then from Hitler I hope you know who is Hitler… think about this. And think deep hard about what news you see… truth or lie.
    But remember one thing Russia never wanted and never will want a war .

  3. pasha

    i am stunned by how badly the so called independent western press is misinforming the people about georgia’s shameful attack on the people of south osetia. i cannot believe that the us government in the name of the american people supports the ethnic cleansing started by stalin (a georgian who gave osetian territory to georgia) and uses taxpayers money to reinforce georgia’s murderous military campaign. georgia and usa should apologize to the world for trying to enforce stalin’s map of ethnic conflicts. these two countries should also beg for forgiveness from the people of osetia and russia who lost their loved ones. cnn and all western media should exit the news industry and join cheer leading industry. american citizens need to take a course in world geography and critical thinking and slash their federal government spending by half. george bush and his cronies should be taken to court on lying to the american people about 9/11, iraq, and numerous other issues.

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