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Sarkozy in Romania: comparison with Basescu

Nicolas Sarkozy and Traian Basescu

Nicolas Sarkozy will visit Romania for one day, on February 4th, to launch a strategic partnership with Romania, the first such partnership with a Central and East European country.

The partnership will include a broad range of domain, but it will focus on defense and security.

“The goal of the visit is to expand on this exceptional relationship and reach a new level by creating a true strategic partnership,” said spokesman David Martinon.

During his visit at Bucharest, Nicolas Sarkozy will meet President Traian Basescu, Prime Minister Calin Tariceanu, and will address Romania’s Parliament.

“As a way of marking bilateral relations and the support which France has given us over the years, Parliament will debate and ratify the treaty after Nicholas Sarkozy addresses Parliament” said Bogdan Olteanu, the heads Parliament’s Chamber of Deputies.

This is the first visit for Nicolas Sarkozy after he married the Italian supermodel Carla Bruni yesterday, during a small civil wedding ceremony at the Elysee Palace.

After seeing and reading all the Nicolas Sarkozy’s activity after he became the President of France, I cannot refrain to remark the similarities between Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President, and Traian Basescu, the Romanian President

  • both of them are very good politicians
  • both of them are very exposed in media, and have public and immediate reactions when they do not like the way some publications or televisions reflect their actions
  • both of them are not very tall men but they like the young and beautiful women: Nicolas Sarkozy had a long romance with Carla Bruni with a happy end for them, just ending with their marriage; Traian Basescu is very well known in media for his passion for Elena Udrea, a very beautiful blonde that he promoted as his counselor, and now in a high position inside the party that he controls, the Democratic Liberal Party
  • both of them are very non-conformist and like to make shocking declarations for media

As far as I know, this is the first time when the two leaders have a private conversation. I am very curious about this meeting, if they will understand and like each other.

Carla Bruni and Elena Udrea

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