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Kosovo and the Russian dolls, the democracy as the new religion

Russian dolls

Kosovo will proclaim soon, in some hours, its independence. It’s a fact. Kosovo will be the world’s newest state. And it will be recognized by US and most of the European countries, as well as the most other countries. But what if tomorrow, a small area within Kosovo wants to declare its own independence? Will it be recognized by the other countries? And if the day after tomorrow an even smaller area within the previous one wants its own independence? How far is accepted the independence? What about a city? A street? A house?

The main question is not if Kosovo has or do not have the right to declare its own independence, but which are the conditions required for a given area to declare its own independence.

The historical conditions cannot be taken into consideration here, because the smallest land was independent before belonging to a state. How far in the past can be claimed the historical conditions?

What is the minimum percentage of people within that area that want to be independent, in order for the other countries to accept it? 50%, 75%, 100%?

If there will be no general accepted conditions but only the accept by the most important countries based on every specific area that intends to proclaim its independence, than we cannot speak about democracy, only about specific interests.

If there will be established specific conditions for the independence, than it will start the chaos.

The conclusion? My opinion? Our world has nothing to do with the democracy. The democracy is the religion, the God of the modern world, a tool. Everyone accepts or is forced to accept it and its rules, everyone speak about it, but nobody saw it.

Don’t you think that the latest wars are very similar with the crusades from the Middle Ages? Replace the Christianity with the democracy and see the result.

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