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Political communication

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Royal-Verges-2-2512Political communication is a form of communication specific to business policies. In pluralist democracies, it is generally intended to assist in the election of the person she used before or during an election campaign and to encourage support of the public in the exercise of a warrant.

Different vectors of political communication

  • The politic display.
  • Meetings on the ground and towing.
  • Political columns in newspapers, radio and television.
  • Political debates.
  • Meetings and political rallies.
  • The presence of television in general.
  • Language elements.
  • Web and blogs.

Image http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fichier:Royal-Verg%C3%A8s-2-2512.JPG

Materials translated and adapted by Nicolae Sfetcu from the Wikipedia under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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