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Short History of Romanians

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During the first millennium, the Romanian territory was invaded by migratory peoples: Goths in 3rd  and 4th centuries, Huns in 4th century, Gepids in the fifth century, the Avars in the sixth century, the Slavs in the seventh century, the Hungarians in the ninth century, the Pechenegs, Cumans, Oghuz Turks and Alans during the 1012 centuries and Tatars in 13th century.
 In the thirteenth century are attested first principalities south of the Carpathians. Later, in the context of feudal relations crystallization, due to the creation of favorable internal and external conditions (pressure weakening as Hungarian and Tatar domination decrease), are emerging to the south and east of the Carpathians independent feudal states Romanian Country (1310), under Basarab I, and Moldova (1359), under Bogdan I. Among rulers who had a role can be considered: Alexander the Good, Stephen the Great, Petru Rares and Demetrius Cantemir in Moldova, Mircea I of Wallachia, Vlad the Impaler and Constantin Brancoveanu in Romanian Country and Hunyadi in Transylvania. Since the late fifteenth century two principalities gradually come under the influence of the Ottoman Empire.
 Transylvania, part of the Kingdom of Hungary during the Middle Ages, ruled by princes, becomes an independen principality, vassal of the Ottoman Empire in 1526. At the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, Michael the Brave reigns for a very short period of time over a large part of today”s Romania.
 In the eighteenth century, Moldova and the Romanian Country still retained their internal autonomy, but in 1711 and 1716 respectively, is starting the period of the Phanariot rulers appointed directly by the Turks, among the Greeks of Constantinople noble families. With the dualist pact in 1867, Transylvania lost shortly its political autonomy, remains being embedded, political and administrative, in Hungary.

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