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A snowman is a compact snow sculpture with human appearance, and variable size and highly. Like sand castles, snowman belongs to category ephemeral art.


The first written references attesting snowmen dates from the sixteenth century (for example, in the writings of Shakespeare). As a popular character, snowman appears in a collection of poems for children published in 1770 in Leipzig. Only at the beginning of the twentieth century, the snowman is associated with year-end holidays.

The biggest snowman in the world was shaped in 1999 in Bethel, a small town in the US state of Maine. They named it “Angus, King of the mountain” in honor of the then governor of the state, Angus King. Angus, the snowman, had a height of about 35 m and a weight of 4,000 tons. At its construction were used more than 5600 cubic meters of snow. The carrot-nose was in fact a structure of two meters of wire and cloth. Six car tires were necessary to outline the mouth, and instead of buttons have been stuck on the chest three tractor tires. It was built for elementary school students in Bethel.

Making a snowman

Building a snowman is a pleasant occupation for children and adults generally practiced during the year when snow is available in abundance.

In Western culture, and in the northern hemisphere, the snowman is a symbol of Christmas and winter.

It consists of 3 large lumps of snow, usually a carrot nose, two brooms for hands and coal for buttons. It may reach sizes from a few centimeters up to 2-3 m.

Other names

Snowman in Lithuania is known as the “Foolish Man”. In Japan, it’s called “Yuki Daruma”, with an upside down bucket on his head, and has a close connection with Buddhism.


In Unicode the symbol “snowman” is U + 2603. (☃).

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