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Software license

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CopyrightLicense is the documented by which the manufacturer of the computer program establish the rights and conditions governing the use of the computer program. In other words, the license is the agreement between the copyright owner and the legal user of a particular program, and it is the only legal evidence of written right to use the product.

Buying a software, in fact you buy the right to use that program, with certain restrictions imposed by the copyright holder. These rules are set in the documentation accompanying the program , especially the license.

Computer programs are strictly protected by the laws on copyright and related rights, that guarantees the copyright for any work of intellectual creation, including software. Under these laws, installation, storage, running or executing, displaying, and transmitting in a computer network of computer program without authorization of the copyright holder (no license) is an offense and punishable with imprisonment in many cases.

Violations of the law can be achieved by various unauthorized uses such as:

  • Using a copy with no license to install a program on multiple computers;
  • Copying the licensed programs for installation and distribution purposes;
  • Using updating offers without having a legal copy of the version to be updated;
  • Use or “borrowing” of unauthorized  version at work or outside;
  • Downloading software frim pirate websites;
  • Unauthorized transfer of the program through network

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