The Ram

Bertha was a very inattentive little girl who always left the doors open.

His mother, who was a farmer, often scolded her: because, during the absence of Bertha, dogs, chickens and even small pigs dirtied everything.

But Bertha did not correct his thoughtlessness. One day her mother was at the market, Bertha went to play in the garden forgetting, as usual, to close the door.

ram1The farm ram escaped from the barn and went quietly into the house.

As he found no one there, he went up the stairs to the first floor where there was the beautiful room of Bertha‘s parents, with a mirrored wardrobe.

When the ram saw his picture in the mirror, he thought it was another ram, and he threatened him with his horns; but the other did the same movement.

Furious, he rose to his feet; but the other also rose.

Then the ram threw all his strength against the mirror and broke it into pieces.

He went down the stairs and left the house, very proud to have been put the other ram on the run.

In the evening, Bertha was severely punished by her mother, and I swear she no longer leaves the doors open.


(Based on ABC – Petits Contes, by Jules Lemaître)

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