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Various social media and specific jobs

Discussion tools

Discussion tools can take many forms: forums, instant messaging systems, and VoIP systems. These are online conversation tools. They are used to discuss at a distance both in the context of private life as well as in work and allow to harmonize and synchronize the work.

The world’s leading discussion tool is Skype software. Indeed, the popularity of this software has grown steadily since its launch in 2003 and it ended up supplanting Windows Live Messenger in the tool of discussion which was the undisputed leader before the arrival of Skype. This led to the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft in 2011 and contributed to the expansion of the software.

Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO, MMOG) can also be considered as discussion tools although this is not the main feature of this kind of software.

Publishing tools

There are different types of web publishing tools, they can come in the form of blog platforms, wikis platforms and citizen journalism portals. The blogs were a real success in the early 2000s before being relegated to the background with the arrival of Web 2.0.

The Wikipedia site is the most visited publication tool each month with more than 20 million unique monthly visitors. The Twitter site was at its launch considered a micro-publishing tool due to the low number of characters allowed in a tweet (140). However, Twitter is currently considered a digital social networking.

Contact digital social network

There are two types of contact digital social networking:

  • General: They correspond to sites like Facebook where users maintain contacts with other users in order to share experiences and keep contact in time.
  • Professional: Sites such as Linkedin or Viadeo offer users the opportunity to create a professional contact network and to maintain an e-reputation on the web that can be consulted by future recruiters or partners.

Content digital social network

We talk about content digital social networks as they offer users the ability to share and view video content (YouTube), music (Deezer), photos (Flickr), and others with other users.

Social media professions

While most of the classical media have gradually developed functions that deal with and manage “2.0” and online social networking activities, the social media sector has developed real new professions, responding to new missions. Most of the time, however, they reformulate pre-existing functions in the classical media, companies and known in the first Internet (1995-2000).

The most symbolic job of this movement is the community manager, which is the natural extension of the moderator of the early 2000s, especially on the online forums. The social media editor can also be referred to as owners or newspaper publishers as part of an independent business project. But it can also correspond to the functions of editorial director in media groups already installed, more global and multidisciplinary.

In the press redactions, the “journalist-developer” has also established itself not as an explicit post, but as a trend of recruitment profiles. It meets several needs: from writing content and multimedia production (photo, audio, video) online and for social media; regular handling of web 2.0 tools and interfaces; to HTML handling in particular.

The notion of “journalist-entrepreneur” also appeared in stride: she testifies of a fact of the time where many journalists losing their editorial positions are reconverted professionally. They work as consultants and/or teachers/trainers in internet and social media, and develop projects of companies dedicated to their activities and others.

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