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Visual arts

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Mona Lisa (Gioconda), de Leonardo da Vinci(Mona Lisa (Gioconda), by Leonardo da Vinci the most popular artwork in the Western area)

Visual arts are a class of art forms, including painting, sculpture, film, photography, and others, arts focusing on the creation of works mainly in the visual environment (although they may include a non-visual element such as sound). Visual arts are different from culinary arts, linguistic arts, industrial arts, musical arts, performing arts, martial arts, etc.

Art itself also includes visual arts, and many art components include aspects of visual arts; thus, the definition of visual arts can not be strict.

Generally, the visual arts include fine arts or plastic arts, but not crafts. Sometimes, visual arts are confused with fine arts, but today’s techniques broaden the spectrum of visual arts so they can include more areas.

Types of visual arts: animation, textile art, installations art, video art, decorative art, fashion art, comics, caricature, ceramics, collage, decollage, drawing, design, graphic design, cartoon, graffiti, photo, film, picture, sculpture, tattoo (body art), mixed techniques

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