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Weight loss

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bud_mailWeight loss, also known as slimming, refers to the use of artificial means deliberately to reduce body weight, especially the reduction of fat in the body.

Weight loss reasons:

  • Health considerations, such as diabetes , heart disease patients and limb joint pain symptoms.
  • Beauty , is currently the most common for this purpose.
  • Participate in the occupational limit on the weight, shape and activities.

Due to physiological or disease caused by natural weight loss, medically known as “weight loss”, significant or lasting weight loss may indicate a disease.

Main methods to lose weight

  • Reduce the intake of high- calorie foods, or replaced with a healthy low- calorie foods.
  • Sports: increased energy consumption. At the same time weight training to increase muscle mass, metabolic rate, burn more calories .
  • Reduce and control carbohydrate intake, the full name of the Atkins healthy diet method , commonly known as flesh-eating diet .
  • Rely on drugs to achieve the increase in energy consumption, suppress appetite and so on. Such as caffeine, refreshing generally increase the amount of physical activity, and reduce the water in the body due to the role of Lee urine ; latter role only temporary weight loss.
  • Surgical treatment:
    • Liposuction: direct suction off excess body fat.
    • Gastric bypass surgery: to artificially reduce the volume of the stomach, forcing the dieter into a small amount of food per meal, to achieve the purpose of the first.
  • Diet: some people will reduce the amount of food to eat to lose weight, and even the number of meal (such as: do not eat breakfast ). Unfortunately, the effect is not ideal, and some even suffer from anorexia.

The first two methods both enhance the role of nutritional balance, fitness , in the case of the right amount of relatively safe, can also maintain a relatively long period of time and avoid weight regain.

The use of drugs has to be recommended by doctors and other personnel guidance.

Gastric bypass surgery is only applicable to the use with other weight loss methods and for extreme obesity patients.

Weight loss and social culture

In the agricultural community is not a weight loss professional bodies and weight loss business, like in industrial society where people can not engage in physical activity to get food and material. Economic development add, inevitable, more food, so that the people gain weight.

See the standard weight with a body mass index .

Due to the modern society, television, computer, radio, the emergence of the Internet, weight loss has become a product of modern society, and a key economic development indicators.

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