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Well known brand names

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Relationship between trade marks and brand

Business Week magazine publishes an annual “brand scorecard” of the top 100 most valuable brands worldwide. Some results from the 2005 survey, which contained 53 American, 37 European, 7 Japanese, and 3 South Korean brands, are listed below.

The European breakdown is as follows: 9 German, 8 French, 5 Swiss, 4.5 British, 4 Italian, 3.5 Dutch, 1 Finnish, 1 Spanish, and 1 Swedish

United States Of America

American Express (credit card)
Apple (computer)
Citi (banking)
Coca-Cola (soft drink)
Disney (entertainment)
Ford Motor Company (automobiles)
GE (household appliances)
Global Gillette (shaving accessories)
Google (internet)
Harley Davidson (motorcycles)
Heinz (food)
IBM (computer)
Intel (computer)
KFC (fast food restaurant)
Levi’s (clothing retailer)
Marlboro (tobacco)
McDonald’s (fast food restaurant)
Microsoft (software)
Nike (footwear)
Pepsi (soft drink)
Starbucks (coffee)


BMW (automobile—Germany)
Volkswagen (automobile—Germany)
Mercedes-Benz (automobile—Germany)
UBS (banking—Switzerland)
HSBC (banking—UK)
Philips (electronics—Netherlands)
Nestlé (food—Switzerland)
Alessi (Home Accessories—Italy)
IKEA (furniture—Sweden)
Louis Vuitton (leather goods and luxury apparel—France)
Chanel (luxury apparel—France)
Gucci (luxury apparel—Italy)
Nokia (mobile phones—Finland)
BP (petrol—UK)
SAP (software—Germany)
Diesel (Apparel—Italy)
Giorgio Armani (luxury apparel—Italy)
Barilla (food—Italy)


Canon (photography)
Honda (automobiles)
Nintendo (video games)
Nissan (automobiles)
Sony (electronics)
Toyota (automobiles)

South Korea

Hyundai (automobiles)
LG (electronics)
Samsung (electronics and mobile phones)

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