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Yahoo! and online gambling search

It seems that Yahoo! already started the campaign against online gambling. For a search with the keywords “online gambling”, the first two positions belong to a same site that was shuted down by the web hosting company for the violation of the ToS:

Site Status Message
Site Shut Down. www.xanga.com. gambling72’s site has been shut down for violation … Return to Previous Page ” Return to Xanga Frontpage. www.xanga.com
xanga.com/gambling72 – 3k – Cached

#9 is a translation using Google, I really do not understand why it is there:

online gambling
www.google.com/translate_c?u=casino-catalogue.com – 40k

In the first 20 results, more than half of it filled with reference sites, directories like en.wikipedia.org, www.youtube.com, www.digitaldivide.net, dmoz.org, dir.yahoo.com, search.aol.com, etc.

It seems that Google and MSN did not change the results in SERP for “online gambling”, or at least they have reasonable results in the first positions.

I know for longtime ago that Yahoo! results for gambling is not the most accurate one (like Adobe included for casino search in the first positions), but what it displays now it’s a disaster.

So, can we trust Yahoo! for gambling related keywords?

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