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A new protest in Romania against shale drilling by hydraulic fracturing


Over 200 people, mostly locals, protested in the beginning of new year in front of the town hall Pungesti, Vaslui county, against the town mayor, Mircea Vlas, who leased his land to the company Chevron to explore shale gas in the village Siliştea.

People did nothing but express bitterly. The protest lasted about half an hour, but to reach the Siliştea, where the new camp of resistance to Pungesti took you half past one, although the two places is only a kilometer. We had to go around the hills, away from the location where Chevron operates, because we were denied access by the gendarmerie on the county road that connects rural Siliştea of Pungesti, said Thursday AFP correspondent Marius Ignat, one of the protesters.

According to him, in the Siliştea – Pungesti would be attended by about 150 policemen, one third of them permanently accompanying the protesters in the City Hall Thursday to Pungesti.

A total of 13 people, including 11 residents and two environmental activists, is still on a hunger strike for the eleventh consecutive day in the makeshift camp on the public pasture Siliştea.

A total of 19 people – five environmental activists and 14 locals from the village Pungesti – came on December 24, 2013 hunger strike indefinitely, six of them giving up a few days this form of protest. They say that will protest until the company Chevron will stop exploration for shale gas in the area, and until the curfew is lifted on Vaslui – Garceni county road in rural Siliştea and Pungesti.

“We decided to go on hunger strike as a sign of dissatisfaction with activities in the Area of Chevron. We are determined not to give up until the oil company will not give up exploration in the area. Also we protest against the action taken by police restricting traffic – Garceni Vaslui county road in rural Siliştea and Pungesti”, said Alexandru Lupe, one of the five environmental activists who went on hunger strike.

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