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A story about the wrong judgement

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I enjoyed a little story which I read in a magazine some time ago:

“A young woman was sitting and waiting for her flight in the waiting area of a big airport. And because she had to wait for some time, she bought a book and a pack of cookies, to help the time pass. She sat in the waiting room and started reading the book. She put her biscuits on the chair next to her and one seat further there was a man who was reading the newspaper. She opened the package of biscuits and after she ate the first biscuit, the person sitting next, took a biscuit too. She felt offended, but didn’t say a word and continued reading the book. She was telling to herself <<look at this guy, if I only had more courage I would say something to him…>>

And each time she took a biscuit, he took one until one last biscuit remained in the package! She thought: <<I am curious to see what will he say when there will be no more biscuits!>> The man took the last biscuit, split it into two pieces and gave her half of it. <<Oh, this can’t be>>, thought the girl while taking her stuff, the book and the bag and walking towards the exit.

When she felt calmer, she sat on a chair in a more private corridor. She closed the book and opened her bag to put in the half biscuit she had received when… she sees her package of biscuits lying there untouched. She was ashamed by the way she acted and then realized that she had eaten the other person’s cookies. The man shared with the girl even his last biscuit, without feeling offended, angry or superior.”

The moral: How many times haven’t we judged the ones surrounding us? How many times in our lives haven’t we eat someone else’s biscuits without realizing? Before getting to any conclusion and before thinking bad of someone, let us watch closely around us because usually things are different from what they appear to be!

This article is part of the the book “7 Big Steps to a Better Life“, Claudia Nita Donca. For more details, I recommend the reading of the mentioned book.

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