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Forgiveness and Physical Health

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Although at first sight this term seems to be more connected to religion, in reality it is a key to liberation from the energetic residues of the past, accumulated as a consequence of the sins and mistakes made by us or the ones who we interact with, towards the cure of our illnesses, towards the release of our mental and soul burdens.

Any physical disease which installs in the human body has its origin in an energetic disorder of an organ, coming as a consequence of sins, mistakes, defects, abuses or vices from previous years, all of these without any correction. After a while (which can be estimated in years, months or even days), when we have the opportunity to energetically correct whatever we are doing wrong, the disorder of the specific structure is transferred in the physical plan, generating an illness of a certain organ whose structure has been affected.But diseases may also appear as a consequence of some mistakes, guilt from the past, which must be cleansed in order not to generate problems in the future.

How can forgiveness help us in solving these problems we are dealing with, in curing these illnesses which severely affect more and more persons?

Firstly we must understand the following mechanism, in other words “the mirror phenomena”: everything that comes to as daily, is connected with whatever we “emit” to the outside world. Everything happens for a reason, the cause and effect law works at a universal level and cannot be changed by anyone. If we are selfish, envious, vengeful, it is only logical that the boomerang will come back to us, maybe at a time we least expect it to happen. The persons who we meet or with which we spend long periods of time, are the ones that we deserve as a consequence of our actions and attitude.

If in the moment something bad happens to us, an injustice is made or we simply suffer, we should ask ourselves what is wrong with us and we ask ourselves what we did wrong. This is the first step in understanding the cause – effect mechanism which governs the Universe. We must understand the fact that whatever we emit comes back to us sooner or later; that everything that burdens us and creates injustice, weighs down upon our future actions and consumes the energy of those actions.

You will ask now what can we do to neutralize the negative effect of these upsets, displeasures? We can use FORGIVENESS! When we forgive, the structures get clean, the energetic body is balanced, the “mist” which generates illnesses is lifted, nothing stands in the way of our actions anymore …

This forgiveness mechanism represents a miracle recipe towards our inner peace, health, beauty and success.

Note: This chapter is part of the the book “7 Big Steps to a Better Life“, Claudia Nita Donca. For more details, I recommend the reading of the mentioned book.

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