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Forgiveness is more than useful for all the therapists who work with patients, as a method of making the healing more efficient; when the therapist says the prayer prior to the therapy, he frees the communication channel with the patient, in order to help them latter. If surgeons nowadays would practice this cleansing method of the patient communicating channel, the surgery would go easier, eliminating some risks and complications…

As a matter of fact, the prayer for forgiveness is very useful prior to important discussions: at work, with your boss, before an interview, in negotiations, before meeting your beloved, before talking to your spouse or children. Practically, forgiveness cleans the energetic structures, healing faster and liberating the communication channels of older energetic residues, leading towards harmony and understanding.

How can we apply forgiveness with our entire soul, to escape from being sick and to build a better life? It seems easy to say, but very hard to get to… If we understand the fact that the persons who intentionally harm us are actually unhappy persons who need more our compassion than our revenge (which would imply “payments”), than it would be much easier for all of us! Only an unbalanced person, with great conduct problems or with serious health problems can act in an evil way on purpose! Therefore we can treat these persons carefully, with compassion, without any intention of mocking them or seeking revenge- this would mean we are fighting a man who is already dealing with serious problems…

This article is part of the the book “7 Big Steps to a Better Life“, Claudia Nita Donca. For more details, I recommend the reading of the mentioned book.

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