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Aerobic exercises

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Aerobic exercisesAerobic exercise is a physical exercise that requires a specific breathing.

The exercises

While performing this type of exercise, the body tries to dribble the oxygen as oxidizer, producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the main energy carrier for all cells.

Initially during aerobic exercise, which begins the moment you should replenish muscle oxygen within the first 2-3 minutes of continuous exercise, glycogen is broken down to produce glucose however, when food is scarce, fat begins to decompose. The latter is a slow process, and is accompanied by a decrease in performance. The power shift to end depending on what causes fat marathon runners often called “break the wall”.

To strengthen several things the body, to regenerate with aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise and the heart

Cardiovascular activity (in aerobic) improves coronary circulation, favoring the distribution of capillaries in the heart muscle and the heart’s ability to develop new branches of healthy arteries, allowing blood to carry places where it arrived poorly. Also an increase in volume of the ventricular cavity, which means a decrease in resting heart rate and cardiac output thus saving.

In any case, as with any other sport, before beginning aerobic activity must undergo a general medical evaluation to determine cardiovascular conditions, as well as the flexibility, strength and body composition. Tests that cardiologists request is the stress test, which must be performed by an electrocardiogram, in order to detect events that precede heart attacks.

To properly exercise:

  • Keep a proper hydration level, ingesting about a liter and a half of water before, during and after exercise. It should be known that the intestinal absorption rate is about 200 ml (water glass) every quarter hour. Drink plenty of water in a short period of time can cause intestinal discomfort (typical flank pain).
  • To achieve good results, the duration of the routine must be at least half an hour.
  • Perform a warm up for about 10 minutes to avoid muscle injuries.
  • Wear loose clothing (preferably cotton) and use comfortable shoes.
  • Do not use warm clothes to sweat as fascia and plastic bags in the body because all you will do is dehydrate without burning fat.
  • Before exercise make joint movement.
  • After exercise muscle stretch (stretch), this will avoid injuries and post-exercise pain.

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