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Google Health and Search Factory Tour

Google shows the latest research in various search-related fields and announced the official debut of Google Health.

R.J. Pittman, Director of Search Properties, showed some of the amazing advances Google made in image search, as well as how ads might work to enhance the user experience on image search. “There are over 300 million digital photos created each day,” said Pittman.

Carter Maslan, Director of Local Search Quality, talked about Google Geo products (Maps and Earth and their features) and the fact that they represent a considerable search problem. “Local search is a geographic lens to any place,” said Carter Maslan.

Johanna Wright, Director of Search Quality, emphasized on the search quality and the latest update on web search.

The Official Google Blog says that now Google Health is publicly available, offering to the users a safe and secure way to collect, store, and manage their medical records and health information online. Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and user experience at Google, noted the challenges of dealing with myriad security and privacy concerns and making different record formats accessible.

Also, Google launched Go for Good campaign with the Cleveland Clinic.

TechCrunch has a very interesting overview with live notes on the presentations made by Google to the press to its headquarters in Mountain View.

Google has no immediate plans to monetize the Google Health site. “We don’t sell the information and we won’t share it unless asked to,“, said Roni Zeiger, a medical doctor and product manager for Google Health.

(See the video of the presentation by Google for their search properties)

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