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Auto racing

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Auto racing (car racing, motor racing, or automobile racing) is a sport where auto pilot compete in regulated races in different formulas and categories on circuit, on road or track.

Motor racing has many disciplines and unavoidable events. The most prestigious categories on the circuit is undoubtedly the Formula 1 for cars, but there are many other categories. Among the best known include NASCAR and IndyCar (with the legendary event of the Indianapolis 500 miles) in the United States or the test of endurance equally legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans in France. On roads and tracks, there is the World Rally Championship (with the famous rally Monte Carlo, founded in 1911), but also rally events, the most famous is the Dakar Rally. Outside of devices designed exclusively for racing there are various categories of passenger or touring cars.

Several international and national federations manage the many races that are divided into categories and formulas depending on the type of car, power and the engine type, the land on which the race is run and, in some cases, the people involved (age, level, weight, sex).

The most prestigious events

The trials for more than 80 years the drivers and manufacturers from different disciplines particularly dream of winning are:

  • Monaco Grand Prix (Formula 1)
  • Indianapolis 500 (IndyCar)
  • 24 Hours of Le Mans (Sports-Prototypes and GT)

that make up the Triple Crown.

Have added more recent events:

  • Rallye Monte-Carlo (Rally)
  • Daytona 500 (NASCAR)
  • Dakar Rally (Rally-raid)

Current divisions and categories

Circuit asphalt

Races in circuit are divided into two categories and disciplines.

Cars designed specifically for the competition:

  • Open-wheel cars (Formula 1, GP2 …) + karting
  • Sports prototypes (Le Mans Prototypes, Daytona Prototypes …)

Cars from the series of automobiles or inspired by them:

  • Touring cars (TC) (S2000, Super Production …)
  • Grand tourers (GT) (GT1, GT3 …)

Lists of main formulas on circuits

Open-wheel cars

  • Formula 1, IndyCar
  • Formula E, GP2, Formula Renault 3.5, Indy Lights, Formula A1, Super Formula
  • Formula 3, GP3, Formula Mazda
  • Formula Renault 2.0, Formula Ford 2000
  • Formula 4, Formula Renault 1.6, Formula Abarth, Formula BMW, Formula Ford 1600, Formula Toyota, VW Formula
  • Karting

Sports Prototypes

  • Le Mans Prototype 1
  • Le Mans Prototype 2 Daytona Prototype (DP)
  • Le Mans Prototype Challenge
  • Prototype CN


  • Super 2000-TC1, DTM, V8SC, NASCAR Div.1, SCBR, TC2000, Superstars
  • Super 2000-TC2, TC2 Super Turbo 2000, NASCAR Div.2, Top Race V6 NGTC
  • Super 1600, NASCAR Div.3, Mitjet ST Turbo
  • Clio Cup, SEAT Cup, etc …
  • Mitjet 2L
  • Mitjet 1300 Fun Cars

Grand Touring

  • GT1
  • GT2 (GTE)
  • GT3 / GT300
  • GT4 (amateur championships)
  • GTC / GTS
  • GT500

Land and snow Circuit

Vehicles specially designed for the competition:

  • Buggy

Cars from the sets of automobiles or inspired by them:

  • Rallycross
  • Ice racing cars

Rally and off-road

Vehicles specially designed for the competition:

  • Buggies and rally prototypes

Cars from the sets of automobiles or inspired by them:

  • Rally Cars (WRC, S2000 …)

Lists of main rally formulas

Buggies and prototypes

  • Protos Rally-Raid (Dakar T3 …)
  • Buggies

Rally cars

  • World Rally Car (WRC)
  • S2000
  • Super Production
  • Junior
  • Rally-Raid (4×4 …)


Short Track prototypes:

  • Dragster

Pure speed

  • Land speed record


  • Hill Climbing
  • Truck Racing

Running race

Speed on circuit

The start of the races can be launched (sometimes following a safety car returning to the stand just before the start line to clear the track) or stopped (competitors are positioned on a rack in a predetermined order). The order on the starting grid is often determined by a qualifying session, the driver who made the fastest lap is in pole position.

There are two types of races, speed or endurance. Speed found very short tests, called “sprint” (as in karting or Formula 3) often competed over several rounds of 10 to 30 minutes, and mean duration tests (maximum 2 hours in the case of Formula 1). Endurance events compete over a specified distance (1 000 km) or long time (6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours ..).

Arrival is always indicated by a checkered flag waved by the race director or commissioner.


Rally racing is in the individual form of against the clock, competitors are launched one after the other at regular intervals. The team who managed the fastest time wins.

Free Session or Trackday

Most track days, unless some specific outputs, are frequented by a large disparity cars. The concept of competition is irrelevant, everyone can come and have fun at its level. When too big differences between the cars, the organizers usually split the day into several series by distributing the drivers according to the power of the vehicle.


There are federations in all countries of the world, some countries with federations or competing organizations. The most important is the International Automobile Federation, which includes more than 200 automobile organizations from 125 countries.

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