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Automated teller machine (ATM)

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ATM_750x1300An automatic teller machine (ATM) is an electronic and electromechanical device allowing customers to perform various banking transactions self-service. Different models allow ATM to make withdrawals, accept deposits in cash or by check, order of remittances, print updates notebooks, increasing the amount of a calling card and even sell stamps. In Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Canada, it is also possible to set some bills via ATMs. The counterpart in Canadian English is Automated Banking Machine (ABM).

ATMs allow secure identification of cardholders through the Personnal Identification Number (PIN).

Some ATMs allow you to change the PIN. Some ATMs recognize smart cards.


In most modern ATMs, the customer inserts a plastic card equipped with a magnetic strip or a chip containing the necessary customer identification data. To request access to his accounts, the customer enters a code of four to fifteen digits. If the code is entered incorrectly multiple times, most ATMs hold the card in order to prevent fraud. Otherwise, it would be possible to discover the code by brute force. These cards are sometimes destroyed to prevent bank employees to benefit.


All ATMs are connected to a ATM Manager. The Manager is itself connected to the interbank network, which facilitates removal and other operations not belonging to the bank where the customer has an account. This structure is particularly useful for people who travel. For example, in a foreign country, a person wish to get local currency. ATM can help him, the banking network performing the currency conversion at the exchange rate at the time.

ATMs accept transactions onlz if the bank allows them, bz authorizations necessarily passing through the interbank network.

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