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Rights and responsibilities of consumers

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Consumers around the world have rights, but also duties. The recognition of these rights is carried out in the 1960s by Consumers International, former International Organization of Consumers Unions.

In 1983, Consumers International provides that March 15 will now be the International Consumer Day in memory of the historic speech of March 15, 1962 of John F. Kennedy. Before Congress, the U.S. president was the first to proclaim the fundamental rights of consumers and consumers.

Consumer rights

Right to security: It protects the consumer against any product, production process or service, that can threaten the life, health or financial position.

Right to information: The consumer must have elements that allow him to make a choice knowingly and be protected from misleading or biased information.

Right to choose: It provides access to a variety of consumer products and services relevant to their needs and at competitive prices. Because it is not about the competition, this right guarantees a satisfactory quality at a fair prices.

Right to be heard: This right allows the consumer to be represented at levels where decisions are made, so that its interests are taken into consideration.

Right to education: It is the possibility for the consumer to acquire the knowledge and skills enabling it to be an informed consumer.

Right to redress of grievances: It guarantees the consumer a fair settlement of problems involving the repair of damage and the need for free legal aid or any other system suitable for small claims.

Right to a healthy environment: The physical environment must be safeguarded by promoting the quality of life for present and future generations.

Right to satisfaction of basic needs: Today, this right can be taken for granted in developed countries. But elsewhere it is still a utopia. Access to drinking water, housing, and access to care: all this seems obvious in rich countries, but remains to be done in developing countries.

The duties of consumers

The rights set forth above involve duties and responsibilities to the consumer. It is important that he is:

  • warned: ready to learn to better understand the goods and services it uses.

  • active: decided to defend itself when its cause is honest and fair.

  • socially responsible: aware of the influence that their behavior may have on the population, particularly in respect of the most disadvantaged people both locally and nationally or internationally.

  • environmentally responsible: sensitive to the effects that its consumption may have on the environment, including ensuring the waste of natural resources and pollution.

  • solidary: convinced that it is in union with other people that have the power and influence to promote the interests of all.

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