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Calling nicknames in housie (UK Bingo)

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In New Zealand, calling nicknames are not used as much as in the UK, but here are some of the more common ones. When calling, the caller will usually say both digits on their own first, and then the number itself, for example, “Three and two, thirty-two”. Some callers will use many of these slang terms, others just a few. However, “Kelly’s Eye”, “Legs Eleven” and “Top of the Shop” are often used, even if none of the others are. See section below for usage.

Number Slang Expression
1 Kelly’s Eye / On its Own / At the Beginning / Start the Game
2 One Little Duck
3 Cup of Tea / One Little Flea / My little Fly
4 Knock at the Door
5 Man Alive
7 Lucky for Some
8 One Fat Lady / The Garden Gate
9 Doctor’s Orders
10 Tony’s Den (forename of current prime minister)
11 Chicken Legs / Legs Eleven
13 Unlucky for Some / Lucky for Some
16 Sweet Sixteen
21 Key of the Door
22 Two Little Ducks
23 Thee and Me
24 Two Dozen
30 Dirty Gertie
37 More Than Eleven
44 Droopy Drawers / All the fours
45 Halfway There
50 Bulls eye / Blind 50
51 Tweak of the Thumb
55 Snakes Alive / All the Fives
57 Heinz Varieties
59 Brighton Line
64 Red Raw
66 Clickety-Click
71 Bang on the Drum
76 7 and 6 – Was she worth it? / Trombones
79 One More Time
81 Stop and Run
86 Between the Sticks
88 Two Fat Ladies
90 Top of the Shop / Top of the House

There is at least one nickname for each bingo number called. See sources for more.


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