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Dacia and Roman Empire

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Dacia_around_100_AD_-_Italian(Dacia around 100 AD, before the Roman conquest)

It is believed that the tribes that created the bronze culture in Romania belong to the Indo-European group of Thracians. Strabo in “Geography” stated that the Getae had the same language as the Thracians, and the Dacians same language as the Getae. However, the first story about Getae belongs to Herodotus. The conquering of Dacia by the Romans lead to merging the two cultures: Daco-Romanians are the ancestors of the Romanian people. After Dacia became a province of the Roman Empire, were imposed elements of culture and Roman civilization, including Vulgar Latin, which led to the formation of the Romanian language.

Based on information from inscription from Dionysopolis and from Jordanes, we know that under the rule of Burebista, aided by the high priest Deceneu, was formed the first Geto-Dacian state. In 44 BC, Burebista is assassinated by one of his servants. After his death, the Geto-Dacian will dissolve in 4, then 5 kingdoms. Core state remains in the mountains Şureanu, where the royal succession is Deceneu, Comosicus, and Coryllus. The development of the centralized state will reaches its peak during the Decebal rule. During this period were maintained a series of conflicts with the Roman Empire, a part of the Dacian state was conquered in 106 AD by the Roman emperor Trajan. Between 271-275 AD Aurelian withdrawal occurs.

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