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Dear Mr. Barack Obama,

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Thank you a lot for the constant messages sent to me by you, your loving wife Michelle Obama, the Vice President Joe Biden, as well as the other members of the stuff, informing me about the evolution of the presidential campaign.

It is a honor for me to receive these emails. I think that this is due to the comments written by me on your personal website, when I signed up as member of the site.

It would be a great pleasure for me to contribute with money to your campaign, even without the invitations received for different events. Especially that I like very much your activity and your kind of relationship. Unfortunately, this is not possible, as I am not an American citizen.

I admired your activity on Internet during the last presidential campaign. Unlike that campaign, the actual one is much more focused on the fundraising.

From the presentation of the evolution of the presidential campaign in mass-media, I see that you didn’t succeed yet, still tied with your challenger.

As a dilettante observer from the outside of the US, I have to say that the legislative projects promoted by you seems to me very dedicated to support the middle class from the United States, trying to reduce the excessive polarization of the society. The health care, immigration, tax, jobs, are major subjects for the electors of any other country. This had to attract for you the most important category of American citizens. Unfortunately, like the politicians from my country, Romania, the number of these projects increases during the pre-election campaign, the debates on it are most aggressive during the election campaign, and then, no matter the winner, all these projects stagnate in sterile discussions till the next election campaign.

I know that the results of the US presidential election influence, some way or another, the social, economical and political life from any country of the world, so including Romania. But for me, an anonymous observer from a certain country, all this political excitement seems to me completely not important for my personal life, like a common film that I see on TV just because I let the TV open while I am working on the computer, and which I look at from time to time out of the tail of my eye. But even in this situation I start, after a while, to have preferences between the heroes of the movie. And, in the movie of the presidential election in the United Stated, I like the actor that plays the role of the actual President of the United States. I evaluate most of the time the people based on the impression created by the general look, their eyes, and their common, insignificant gestures during their relax time. I make very few mistakes. And, from this point of view, the actual President of the United States is my preferred personage.

I wish you success, Mr. Barack Obama!

Best regards,


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