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Democracy in Romania for an ordinary man

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By an ordinary man I mean a person with no connection among politicians and trying to live honestly. So, a person that has no chance to live decently in Romania.

Who is right in the political struggle exacerbated in recent times, between President Traian Basescu and Prime Minister Victor Ponta? Answer: I do not give a damn about who is right!

It is true that during the “reign” of Traian Basescu and his Liberal Democratic Party, the greed, incompetence and control of the society, both institutional and by the state employees, from the woman on duty to the minister, employed solely on political grounds, reached the highest rates. But it seems that the former opposition parties, the current administration, has learned a lot from the mafia system, painstakingly created by the informal party leader, Traian Basescu.

My perception is that the fight against corruption in Romania has become a totally different way than normal: because of the limited national wealth, each party that comes to power is frustrated that those before them have stolen money, land, buildings and even state businesses, which could very well return to their customers. And then, to retrieve these values in favor of the actual power, they re-invent the fight against corruption. An easier way to transfer the theft from a customer to another.

Why do not react the honest people living from day to day? Simple. Resignation and fear. Over 90% of those taking a public stance or another, do so only in terms of their own personal interests. For a person with no connections among politicians on either side no matter who comes out victorious from this battle. He was against Traian Basescu because this was in power and was considered the source of all troubles. After he will be dismissed or his mandate will expire, the next mediated leader of the power will be the next target.

Since this mafia system destroyed almost completely the education system, the public health, justice, and generally speaking the promotion system based on skills, we may exit from this system at the earliest after 2-3 generations, in the best case scenario.

Western countries’ reactions to the deviations from democracy in Romania? Come on! In recent years there have been many such deviations, even worse, and nobody noticed it. Not the democracy in Romania is the problem of other governments in the European Union and beyond, but the “bad” example given by the Romanian government, which shows how quickly a system can fall under the deep economic crisis. In the name of the democracy, but in reality to defend more specific interests, EU representatives are themselves the first to break the standing democracy, by the overreaction to the current events in Romania.

So who will win the referendum of July 29 for the dismissal of President Traian Basescu? Certainly, the corruption again. And the interests of the large transnational corporations. Certainly, the average person will have nothing to gain from this, whatever the outcome.

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