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Drama of a city in Romania – The Romanian government no longer pays his employees

RAAN - Autumn of Severin

While heavy water plant employees protest in front of the RAAN headquarters despairing that they have not received wages for months for their work, and asks themselves worried how their children will warm during the winter approaching,

while other large companies from Drobeta Turnu Severin are bankrupt and banks began to knock on people’s doors forcibly expelled them from apartments,

the City officials felt exactly the right time for song, dance and fun. And as a result, they decided to spend millions for a shriveling Autumn of Severin.

Drobeta Turnu Severin

Drobeta Turnu Severin is the capital of Mehedinti county, a warm and bright city, known homeland of almond, fig tree, lilac, linden and chestnut in Romania. Until recently, it had an complex industrial economic profile with numerous industrial facilities, agriculture, tourism and trade.

But after the 1989 Revolution, almost all large companies have gone through dubious privatizations or mismanagement.

There are remaining two industrial units that could not be privatized: Heavy Water Plant and Iron Gates hydro.

But it was found also a solution for this.

Hidroelectrica, the company administering the hydro power stations on the Danube, was rife by parasite companies that brought it into insolvency. Although the hydro power stations do nothing than recirculate water, the state has imposed huge price for th used water. And so the company ended up with huge debts, and a minimal chance out of insolvency. Rumor is that is preparing a dubious privatization in this case.

As State needs no more heavy water, the institution that manages the factory, Autonomous Athority for Nuclear Activities (RAAN), also entered into insolvency, and the heavy water plant will be closed later this month. Moreover, although RAAN is a state institution, its employees have not received their due salaries for several months, and have little chance to receive it.

The thermal power plant that provides steam for heavy water simultaneously provide heat and hot water for city residents in Drobeta Turnu Severin. By stopping heavy water plant it was also stopped the operation of the thermal power plant, which would otherwise be delivered heat and hot water at exorbitant prices, as it is specifically designed for industrial purposes.

It follows the establishing of companies that will sell the remained machinery and equipment, and cutting scrap all industrial columns and special stainless steel, ordinary steel and iron pipes, aluminum, and then partial restitution and concession of adjacent land.

Drobeta-Turnu Severin

City authorities, although they knew of at least two years about the possible shutdown, have not taken any steps to provide heat and hot water for the residents during the approaching winter. The only measure which they thought was spending millions for vain celebrations and festivities inappropriate for this situation, as the “Autumn of Severin” taking place these days in the city, alongside the desperate protests of the employees now unemployed.

The iceberg is coming. The town has already clashed him, but few people realize the seriousness of the actual situation.

Despite those already drowning in debt, the ”captain” of the city, the Mayor, crank the music loud, to no longer hear the cries for help of the citizens.

A sad final but predictable for years.

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