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e-Book’s Digital Rights Management (DRM)

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Similarly in the field of music and movies, some publishers and retailers use systems digital rights management (DRM) to try to protect the works. Most of these systems are relatively inefficient and penalize its use in the reader of the book.

Tableau récapitulatif de certains DRM
Name Publisher Formats Used by Comments
Adept Adobe ePub, pdf, ascm Majorité, Kobo, B&N, Sony, Google DRM standard often used. It requires an account on the Abobe site and limit the readability of a book to six devices.
Microsoft Microsoft lit Microsoft Abandoned
Kepub (Adept) Kobo (Adobe) kepub Kobo This is with a few more EPUB data. The files can be downloaded in Adobe DRM + ePub standard format
Topaz Amazon azw, tpz Amazon Amazon new format, based on his previous Mobipocket
Mobipocket Amazon mobi Amazon (ancien) Format created by Mobipocket (acquired by Amazon). Works with a system of PID (unique key hardware).
Ignoble (basé sur adept) B&N (Adobe) B&N Extension of Adobe’s ADEPT DRM which also used name and credit card number as a key (to discourage sharing)
eReader B&N pdb, pml B&N (ancien), Palm Old B & N format, which also uses the name and credit card number as a key to social sharing brake
FairPlay Apple Apple Used on iBooks and files are readable only by Apple devices, no research to date fault
BBeB Sony lrx, lrs Sony Abandoned


Some digital books do not contain digital rights management system, but watermarks, usually the name of the buyer and email address.

Free books

Numerous free works of law (as in the public domain) are available for free download on many websites, including for example the Project Gutenberg or the Open Library, Manybooks, or feedbooks / publicdomain Public Domain Books, etc.

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