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Easter Water

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Easter Water

Collecting Water Easter is a ritual of Easter.

Picking the Easter Water

This picking has to be made in the early Easter Sunday morning at sunrise or during the last few minutes before dawn. This water is dipped into a stream or small river. Most of the time, it was customary whether children who draw the water, equipped with special containers provided for this purpose. Provision should be able to hold for a year.

Properties of Easter Water

Indeed, this water is deemed to have beneficial properties, even magical. This can be explained by a certain Christian belief, Orthodox origin. According to this legend, “the year Jesus Christ was resurrected, it occurred to heaven a far more miraculous phenomenon: for eight consecutive days, the sun has not slept at all; the first two days, he stood motionless above the east, the next three days, at the zenith, for two days yet descended gradually westward and disappeared entirely underground until the evening of the eighth day. “

Physical properties

In Normandy, Saxony and Silesia, Easter Water had dermatological properties against eczema, acne, even leprosy. Quebec and northern regions of France, she also had effects on vision, was a valuable eye lotion. Easter Water was also to preserve diarrhea, fever and cure.

Spiritual or magical properties

In Quebec, it was to protect against elements such as lightning, thunder, even the wind. It also away evil spirits, misfortunes, and fatalities. Easter Water also had to bless the house. This was done using the blessed branches.

Washing in Water Easter

An alternative to the collection, washing in water Easter was reputed to afford to keep long freshness of the skin. It also gave women, bathing in a stream or river on the eve of Easter, “beauty and seduction, provided it had done so in silence and in secret.” It is also said that men plunged into a river in the Easter morning “to gain strength and health throughout the year.”

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